Has anyone had ionic hair straigthtening?opnions please!!!!!

  1. I live in Boston ma. In the summer it gets quite humid here.I have long thick wavy to curly hair. It takes me about an hour and a half to get it straight when I go out and in the summer still might get a bit wavy a frizzy once I go outside to the humidity. Has anyone had it done? Any hair dressers? I need some advice. I had it test stranded and the hairdresser said it would be ok to do. Does it run your hair? Should I do it? Any help would be appreciated
  2. I have heard that some of the chemical straighteners can be very damaging. I have purchased a few ionic flat irons . My favorite is the ionic iron from sharper image . I also bought the t3 tourmaline for $200 it is not good at all in my opinion. Also if you iron small amounts of hair at a time pulling it extremely tight it will get your hair straight and it will last . I also put a very small amount of olive oil in my hair before ironing.
  3. Thanks. does it take you along time to do your hair as well? I have a straight iron called the chi and it works well, but it takes me to long so I only end up wearing my hair straight on weekends and when going out the rest of the time ite in a clip. I have heard people say both good and bad things about it. Hairdresser said it will make it shinny as well because its infused with silk. Thanks for your help
  4. I wash my hair at night and I do not blow it dry and in the morning it is dry . I feel like I do less damage that way .My hair is soo thick but it on ly takes me between 5 and 15 min. depending on how straight I want it. This saves a lot of time in the morning.But I think the key is a good iron and really pulling hard . With my sharper image iron my hair is straighter.I also turn the heat up to a pretty high heat but not the max.
  5. thanks again. The lady said I could relax it or do the ionic straightening. Is relaxing really bag as well?
  6. I am not really sure. But, let me know if you find out. By the way I love your chihuahua! I have a long coat chi . She is 8 years old.
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  8. ^^ cutest dog ever!!

    I've gotten my hair chemically straightened a bunch of times with different products, and its never ever ever worked. Its very frustrating to me. But I'd like to know more info on this as well. There's a thread on japanese straightening in here. That may help.
  9. thank you. did you get it relaxed or the ionic straightening. Is your hair really curly. Mine is just wavy and thick and tends to get more wavy in humidity
  10. I love your dog too Colleen. I have a toy fox terrier that weighed 1 pound at 6 weeks old. She is now 6 pounds and 5 years old and we love her! The little dogs can live to be very old!
  11. Thank you. I really love dogs too.
  12. My hair curls like crazy in humitidy, but, I was given spray in conditioner for my hair and it deff. keeps the curls away in the summer. I jump out of the shower, spray it in and it helps, even after I blow dry it. You could try a quick fix like that, see if it helps you at all before paying to get it chemically straightened and possibly not have it work. My friend got hers chemically straightened and it went back to frizz the very next day, she hasn't tried since. Moose for me also keeps my hair straightened, it used t curl it, but, doesn't anymore...but, unless you want that "wet" look, it's not really worth it lol :smile:
  13. I have straight hair and in humid weather it gets a little dry and fuzzy looking...I use an ion hairbrush I got at sharper image. it was about 23 bucks and it works wonderful. makes the hair sleeker. I really love it. it takes a 9 volt battery
  14. I have crazy curly thick hair like you wouldn't believe (think very spring like) & it takes me easily 2hrs at least to straighten it well (love my chi flat iron though!). I chemically straightened it twice actually & it is very weird. It did dry out my hair a little but I did not notice it fell out any. My mom on the other hand had a ton of hers fall out when she did it. Keeping in mind that I have very springy curls the straightening made it STICK straight. Let me emphasize, there was NO curl/wave/anything left. I usually found myself curling it a little just so it wasn't so lifeless. This still, was easier for me than striaghtening it everyday. After a while though, I actually began to miss my curly hair, because normally I was able to decide if I wanted it straight, curly, or in the middle each day & no longer really had that option. All things you can learn to deal with. Here is the major problem for me, the drastic difference led to HORRIBLE re-growth. My roots grew in think & curly & the rest of my hair was bone straight. After a few weeks I just had to straighten 1/2 my hair anyway in order to get it all to look normal. I guess I could have just touched it up but eventually you will likely have to let it grow out & that is not a fun time...Anyway, so sorry about the long reply! Just wanted to tell you about my expierence! There are some serious negatives I just wanted you to be aware of! let us know what you decide to do!
  15. I've gotten the ionic straightening done twice a couple years ago.

    PROS: It was truly wash and go, as in I could hop out of the shower, not even run my hands through my hair, and it would dry perfectly straight, shiny, and smooth.

    As far as damage, it really didn't feel too bad. It left my hair drier, but it felt so smooth, it didn't feel as damaged, in the traditional sense.

    It's a toss-up! If it helps, I loved it while I had it (as did my friends who got it done). Let us know what you decide!

    CONS: I totally agree with yhassan- it was almost too straight sometimes, especially the ends (I would curl them too), and the regrowth could look funny (my hair is only slightly wavy so it wasn't too bad).