Has anyone had glazing issues with ZPC? Looking for workhorse wallet

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  1. I’ve tried to do some research and I’ve only found one post about having glazing issues with their zippy coin purse.
    I’m looking for a wallet that can take a bit of abuse and figured a ZPC would be great.
    When I looked at them in the boutique I noticed that the glazing is super thin, almost rough feeling compared to my Rosalie which did in fact have glazing issues.
  2. I’ve had my ZPC for 5 years and no glazing issues. I’ve used literally every day since I bought until just recently I switched out of it. You won’t regret it if you decide to get it.
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  3. That’s great to hear!
    I’ve had bad luck with glazing lately so it makes me a little nervous when I know I’m not going to baby the item.
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  4. Perhaps it depends on luck of the draw? I’ve two, a multicolor and a vernis zcp which I bought many years ago. Both are still good after being thrashed around in my bags. Just bought an epi one early last year... looks good too.
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  5. I've been using mine almost every day since August and I haven't had any issues. The ZCP doesn't open very widely so the opening and closing of the wallet does not create as much wear and tear as say the rosalie which requires you to bend the flap about 180 degrees up in order to take things in and out.
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  6. No glazing problem with my ZCP which I have been using daily as my main wallet for over 3 years. I do rotate among 6 of them but they are all fine.
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  7. Yup, it must be.
    I had a passport holder that had cracked glazing only after 1 trip. Once I replaced it never had issues years later.
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  8. That’s great to hear!
  9. Mine been reglaced 2 times
  10. Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 9.29.14 AM.png

    Are you specifically looking for an LV wallet? I use a small Fendi leather zip-around wallet similar to this one (they make plainer ones, too, if you don't like the design) and it is extremely tough. I really tend to abuse my wallets. The one I have is close to two years old and still looks brand new. Dimensions are similar to a ZCP, but I'm not sure if they're identical.