Has anyone had experience with Tata Harper products?

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  1. I've been contemplating a switch from my normal daily products (Tracie Martyn serum or Sisley Line Reducer mixed with a copper peptide serum) and I keep seeing huge amounts of praise being tossed around for Tata Harper.

    Has anyone used her products?
  2. Yeah, I got the deluxe sampler kit from Spirit Beauty Lounge. My reaction to this line is a bit "meh" - I feel the hype is unwarranted after trying it. It didn't make my skin break out or look red or irritated, but for what it is, imo, it is very overpriced.

    I have very dry skin, especially in winter and this line just felt too light to deal with that. I got the feeling this could work for someone with normal, non-problem skin - it smelled good and felt nice, but was nothing special to me. Which was a disappointment because I would love to find a 'natural' brand that did the job. For my money, Weleda still fits this bill better than Tata Harper. And I admit I tried it after reading a fawning writeup in Vogue. Der.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping it was as great as the magazines are touting it to be.

    Guess I'll stick with my (expensive) Tracie Martyn habit :rolleyes:
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    My experience with Tata Harper Skincare has been wonderful and there is another thread available to read that has many women writing about their experiences with this skincare line. I found it very helpful!

    Linking other forums is against our rules.
  5. Thank you both for the additional input! I keep asking when the SpaceNK I frequent will carry Tata Harper, so I can try the products out. Or another one of those Refinery special deals on the sampler package.

    I have very difficult skin, so, making purchases is always stressful. However, I do really want to switch to more natural skincare when possible - hence my using the Tracie Martyn line (which I do adore!)
  6. Wow, marketing win, they were ALL OVER that. On the ball.

    Tiare, are you in the US or Canada? Check out the sample pack at Spirit Beauty Lounge (online, just add the .com). And don't take my opinion on this line, one person isn't enough to go on. It smelled and felt good, the thing that killed it for me mostly was the price. They're charging a LOT for some inexpensive ingredients.
  7. ^that's what I thought as well when I looked..
  8. Omg, that's one of the craziest prices for something so cheap I've ever seen, and I have seen some ridiculously priced stuff.
  9. Hello Ladies,

    Have any of you tried the Liz Earle skin care range? It's a British brand, but should be available 'across the pond' too, especially online.

    I've been using their hot cloth cleanser, toner and face/body lotions for about 4 years now. All the products smell divine and work very well in my opinion. According to my Mum, who's quite selective when it comes to skin-care, these are the first products that have actually made a difference to her skin.

    The whole Liz Earle range is based on natural ingredients, and though more expensive than your average drugstore brand, still a fraction of the price of Tata Harper products.