Has anyone had experience using a doula??

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  1. Hi ladies! My friend recommended a girl she knows who has a lot of experience as a doula (along with other credentials such as la leche league and such). I have read a lot about them and have seen them in action on the baby shows (bringing home baby, baby story, etc...) and it seems like they do so much good to a laboring mother and even postpartum....the price is rather steep for me right now, about $1000 and that includes 3 prenatal visits, the birth time, 3 postpartum which includes help with breastfeeding. My question to you is: is it worth it? :shrugs:
  2. Yes!!! Especially if you are having a hospital birth.
  3. I am...we went and registered at the hospital today and had the tour. I can't wait!! Have you used a doula? What did you like about having one with you?
  4. I had one for my second birth, but it was at home. What was great is that she was able to help me cope with labor and pretty much knew what I would need (since she had been through it before) and that freed my husband up to just be there to love me, as opposed to having to be a "labor coach". This can be daunting for some men since they feel like they are out of their element. For a hospital birth, a doula is even more valuable because she will also serve as a liason between you and the staff, advocating for you whenever needed.
  5. Its funny you mention that about the men being labor coaches....when I had my son 6 years ago, he pretty much stood with his mouth agape at the base of my bed watching me deliver him. I had the nurses there to coach me and tell me to push but he really wasnt in his element. Now, I keep telling him "you are to be by my head telling me to push and how I can do it and what a great job Im doing---not standing there in awe this time!" lol I was thinking the same thing you mentioned above; that if I had a doula he could be there and not have that much pressure on him in addition to me getting what I need during labor. Does that make sense?
  6. It absolutely makes sense! I really think if you can swing one, it is defintely worth the money! A lot of them will even come to you post-partum and help you with various things if you need/want it.
  7. I think they are helpful for sure in my experiences with OB nursing. I have my mom who is just amazing and will play that role so my DH can just watch although the way he is he will be right in there doing all the stuff lol he is all for this and wants to video tape too.
  8. I did and I thought she was brilliant. She knew how I wished for my labor to be and helped keep me on that track. I honestly would not have made it through had it not been for her. She was a huge support throughout and afterwards when I was getting settled in at home and figuring out how to care for baby.
  9. I am also considering getting a doula to support me. Anyone else with stories to share?
  10. my ex mother in-law was a doula. she didn't help me right after or during the birth. but she was very helpful the week i was very sick. she took care of my oldest, and that gave me the chance to relax and to get well.