Has anyone had authentic_lvlady answer their email?

  1. I've read on here that she is bad at responding to emails. Has anyone ever contacted her, through email or on ebay, and had her respond?

    Thanks :P
  2. Yes, asked her something and she answered in two hours.
  3. Yes, she usually responds to me within 12 hours. Please note the time difference as she is in Hong Kong.
  4. i asqed her on two things yesterday. no response.
  5. I might just add even though I haven´t bought anything of her yet, that she is extremely nice and polite. I wonder if you have that type of e-mail address that goes straight into the spam-file..Try e-mailing again the day after tomorrow if she hasn´t answered.
  6. Yes, no issues her with her replying to email. You must remember there is a major time difference.
  7. Thanks. What is the time difference in Hong Kong? I really hope she replies to me. I'm a bit obsessed right now.
  8. right now it's 3:35AM in HK.
  9. Thanks! I shall sit here and twiddle my thumbs and hope she gets up at like 7am LMAO!
  10. Actually once I emailed her and she didn't reply for days and I emailed her again and she did.
  11. She's great always answering questions..make sure check your junk email folder. At first I found her email went to junk mail..
  12. I have emailed her several times with no response, ever. :o(
  13. she's great!!
  14. I bought several things from Eva before, she is usually very good with emails :yes: I'm sure she'll get back to you soon.
  15. 4 days to respond to me but she has a great reputation and she is a legit seller