Has anyone had any success?

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    Please delete, thanks.
  2. Yikes! What a mess! I have no advice on dealing with corporate but I would advise you to stand up for yourself. Obviously she has been counseled about the situation since she has a snotty attitude whenever you go in. The next time I went in, I would completely and utterly ignore her. If greeted by her, I would say, "I would prefer to work with another SA because I don't like your attitude," make my purchases and leave.
  3. I don't understand what "success" you are after. Why don't you say what you want to happen.

    I can tell you what won't happen: She won't be fired or transferred, unless you're the last case of several other documented instances. You won't get a discount or coupon. You might get an apology.

    Why not move on and deal with others who you work well with. It's not hard to find good sales folk at LV.
  4. OP I'm so sorry this happened to you but I totally agree with this post. What is it that you want that will satisfy you. There are just people in this world who we rub the wrong way and there's nothing we can do about it but let it go ..
  5. I would take my business to the other location near you. The end.

  6. I agree
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    Please delete. Thanks.
  8. The previous posts are true. You want her to be fired, but (sadly) this may not be her regular behavior. You mentioned she was sweet to another person who came in. Unfortunately, there is a chance this rude behavior could be targeted toward only you. She probably still works there bc her praises are more frequent than the complaints about her.

    Try to maintain a certain SA at that location, or go to another LV, or stick with online purchases. I'm glad you aren't letting this bummer affect your feelings about the brand
  9. I would say don't entertain her foolishness. your money spends like everyone else's and you are entitled to return or exchange an item if you so choose! Im in the dallas area - hope i don't encounter this --- or her! :sad:
  10. I want her to leave me alone! I want to be able to walk into my local LV and be able to browse without being scoffed at and without her walking up to the Other sa I'm working with and talking about me. I'm not out looking for revenge if that's what you're implying. I'm looking for the harassment to stop. Look, I do not in anyway provoke this lady. I do not engage her, I do not look at her. Wow. Guess I'M the problem and need to get over it. Done. Over it. Please delete this thread. Thanks.

    ^ I am so sorry for your poor experiences, but this kind of response isn't helpful either! Here at TPF we want to support you. I don't think anyone was saying you're the problem! In the Dallas area, I know there are multiple boutiques. You can always shop at the LV in Neimans too - I have had great experiences there.
  11. Exactly what I would do.. Problem solved!
  12. I'm so sorry that you have had to go through this... You have every right to go into any LV and be treated respectfully whether you are making a purchase or a return❤️
    So glad to hear that you have let corporate know of this very unprofessional behavior it happens all to often in many areas of retail.
    Take care❤️
  13. I recently had a run in with a rude SA, but not as rude as the old one you encountered. After the many instances you have had, I would go to another LV if it's possible. Unfortunately there's bitter people in the world that take it out on you. It's their problem, don't let it be yours:smile:
  14. Wait a minute, did you say that she said " you smelled" or did she say the bag smelled? how horrible if said YOU smelled!! Dear I would'nt go into that store again. There are plenty of SA's that are polite and kind, take your money to another store.
  15. Gosh, so sorry you had to go through that- and even more sorry that you felt compelled to delete your post. It's not you that's the problem- she has a problem. She inconvenienced you and you rightfully are psst off- definitely go elsewhere. For me, I wouldn't budge and go elsewhere and would tell her off on the spot without getting loud, but that's just how I've always been. She should've never been like that to you in the first place! No experience with corporate complaints and I hope you never have to deal with her again. Wish I could give you a big hug!!
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