Has anyone had any quality issues with Miu Miu?

  1. I've heard some rumors that Miu Miu bags aren't made that well. Has anyone had any issues with this? I want the Bow Satchel or the Coffer but don't want to spend money on a bag thats not made well. Thanks in advance!
  2. My bag seems to be in great condition. My only concern is that there's a bit of I dunno, fraying-ish type action going on the leather near the zipper inside. However, mine was a floor model (last one left), so that may be why. I can take a picture if you want?

    Some bags are also made in Turkey which may or may not have an effect on quality. :confused1: Generally, I've heard very little of Prada/Miu Miu bags falling apart and/or having poor quality control.
  3. The ring that links the handle to the bag on my coffer broke on the first day I used my bag. Sent it bag immediately to miumiu and they sent it away for repair (it took 3 weeks to repair.)
  4. I think there could be some quality issues, with what I've seen. It really depends on the bag/style.
  5. I use my Coffer as my everyday bag and she has held up remarkably well! No issues whatsoever and I am very hard on my everyday bags. The leather gets softer with use and I love her even more! ;)