Has anyone had any experiences of the Cerises fading or rubbing off as time passes.

  1. I just read that this can happen and I got very worried indeed :sad2: :cry:

    Below is what I read

    "Cerise bucket or speedy owners: Do you still love your bags? Did you ever get fed up of the cherry print? Has the print ever faded? Thanks! "

    "Um. It has, my friend has a Cerises Speedy and they haven't started to fade but they're wiping off, same with my Cerises pochette. For a 1k bag and 200 coin purse they're really poorly made, and that extra 500 is for what, exactly? A cheaply done screenprint of screaming cherries"
  2. I have not had any problems with cerise bag! No peeling, wiping off....nothing! Sorry that is happening to you. I would take it into LV and show them! I have not heard of this before!
  3. Thanks Sunshine. No it hasnt happened to me. Ive just purchased a Cerises speedy which Im excitedly waiting for.:love:

    But I just read this question and answer in another forum and I just hadnt heard of such a thing happening before to the Cerises, so I thought Id ask if it had happened to anyone here.
  4. Okay I just re read what you typed! (I just woke up sorry! ) I would be furious if that happened to me! Enjoy your new bag! I carried mine to death. Its just sitting in my closet ;(
  5. I have heard about the buckets having that problem. I have a Cerises speedy and so far nothing is wrong with it (and I DON'T baby my bags either!!!).
  6. I know that after a long period of use, the cherries may have some fading (same with the cherry blossoms). This is from normal rubbing on clothing and sun exposure. I have never EVER heard of them wiping off! I had a wallet I used daily for 6 months and it was in perfect condition. My cerises cles has been in my bag every day for a year and it looks brand new, and that little sucker rubs on everything!
  7. Phewey, thanks everyone:P

    now I can have a good nights sleep and count the days till my little Cerise Speedy arrives :love:
  8. where did you buy your cerise from?
  9. I have the Cerise bucket bag and have not had any problems with it.
  10. I have the Speedy, pochette, round coin case and the square keycase and all are fine. I only had one little problem with a cherry on the seam of my Speedy but it was only because it scraped against stucco and I knew when it happened. So that was completely my fault but it's barely visible and it's just on the mouth of the cherry. Otherwise, they're all perfect on all the pieces!
  11. I have Cerise bucket, speedy, & accessories and NO rubbing or peeling so far,,..but then again, I'm anal w/ all my things. I wouldn't use it in extreme weather conditions, though.
  12. I am pretty careless with my cerise wallet and I notice that there are little spots worn off on the faces. I've dropped it a few times, and I just toss it in my purse with my keys and whatnot. The next time I go into LV I'm going to ask if there's anything they can do about it.
  13. Let us know what they say! I'm interested to know out of curiosity's sake too!
  14. my cherries are still in tact on my bag.. no wear whatsoever.