Has anyone had any experiance with Raffaello Network???

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  1. I'm planning to buy something off this site..

    has anyone have any experiance with this site?? good ? bad?? please share...
  2. I'm not sure if this is helpful but i tried to buy from them once and i used my credit card with Citibank... a day after i placed the order, i got an email from them telling me that my card was declined... i called my bank and they said that rafaellonetwork is blacklisted with them and they cant authorized payment to them. (very weird..)

    I considered to give them another cc number with another bank but then it was risky... thats my experience but i would really like to hear comments from anyone who purchased from them in the past.
  3. They have lots of bags on their site and it dose make me want to buy something from them. Any more feedbacks for Raffaello???
  4. IMO, they are fakes :yucky:

  5. Really? Why?:confused1:
  6. There's a post a bit farther down titled "I think I've been Scammed" by JadeJett....she had very bad experience with Raffaelo, might want to read the postings there..

  7. Thank you I will. I always thought of them as being high scale, reputable. Then again, I've never bought from Rafaello's?:wtf: