has anyone had ankle reconstruction surgery?

  1. it looks like i'm probably headed for it. i have a 9-year history of ankle sprains, dislocations, and one break (that i didn't know about until i went to the ER a few days ago and they said they saw a healed fracture). i dislocated my ankle for the first time in two years by stepping in a hole 2 weeks ago, and my ankle completely gave out on me at work the other day, for no reason.

    i went to the orthopaedist this morning, and they said that i'd need to get an MRI next week, but based on my history, how my ankle looked, and how it felt when they moved it, they guessed that i had torn every ligament in my ankle at some point in the past 9 years and that my ankle would continue to be completely unstable if i didn't do something. they said that pending an MRI, i looked like i'd be a good candidate for ankle reconstruction.

    apparently, the surgery is much more rare than a knee reconstruction. webmd doesn't have an article about it, and the article they had about sprains said that it's rarely required. i've tried everything, and at this point, i think it's the only thing that will ever stop me from continuing to reinjure my ankle, and it's the suggestion that the orthopaedist went straight for.

    so has anyone been through it? what was recovery like? how long before you could walk normally? it's on my driving foot, so naturally i'm concerned about being immobile. any advice you guys could give me would be much appreciated, i'm having trouble finding information and i'd like to be as prepared as possible. thanks!
  2. has anyone had ANY sort of reconstructive surgery on their legs? ankles, knees anything? i'm very nervous, i'd like to hear any and all stories if anyone out there has one...
  3. I never had reconstruction surgery, but I sprained my ankle really bad several years ago and it never healed. I kept going to to Dr after Dr and even with xrays they told me that it was a bad sprain with torn ligaments. Then I went to one of the top orthopedic surgeons here and got a mri and catscan, and they found out it was called "osteochondral lesion of talus". It is rare (happens to 5% of all sprained ankles) but often Drs. do not know how to look for it. I think it is more of a bone decay or the bone fragment seperates. My Dr says that I could have surgery but it is only a 70% success rate so he was leary of that. I just wanted to share in case you wanted to ask your DR about this to rule out this condition.
  4. Well amanda, I had a huge surgery on my shoulder. I never really had problems, just a ton of over use from swimming all those years, and one day- WHAM- blew it apart in an awful way. My surgery went fine, the recovery was fine.. but my shoulder will never be the same. It is much weaker, still needs to be babied a tad. But that is a different end of the body...

    My dad has had a ton of knee surgeries- and my brother has had one knee surgery. My dad can not run, but my brother had one surgery and is fine.

    There are my stories!
  5. My bf wrecked his ankle one night years ago in a drunken accident. It was broken in several places and he still has a metal plate holding it all together. However, he has recovered completely - he can run, his job is very physical and sometimes he even forgets which ankle he injured. I know that it was a one-time accident and not chronic damage, but the injury he sustained was severe and one of the doctors said he might never walk again.
  6. Hi Amanda sorry for your ankle problems! My brother had reconstructive surgery on his ankle after a basketball injury and they drilled a hole through the ankle bone and re-thread the ligaments and tendons through it so it would heal together. He hasn't had any problems since but it was in a cast for 6 weeks (ouch) he still plays bball and he's 31...
  7. thanks for the info, everyone. i'm going to see the orthopaedist in about an hour to get the results of my MRI and find out if i need surgery or not, although i'm pretty sure i do since i haven't been able to heal on my own over the last 9 years.

    cross your fingers for me!
  8. I know someone very close to me that has been having increasingly poor issues with her ankles. Are you or did you have surgery? She is looking to see if she has other options other than disability. She has driven a fork lift for over 33years and has not had very good luck in finding a Dr. that can truly help her.

    My mother missed a step a few years ago and shattered her ankle. She had emergency reconstruction and now has more mobility and function in that ankle as compared to the one that did not hurt.

    I pray you have had success in getting your issues addressed and would like to know if you or some you know has had good results and any details.
  9. I have! I broke both ankles at the same time and had several reconstructive surgeries on my right ankle. I have a large pain threshold so I found the recovery to be OK. I was in the hospital for about 5 days and confined to a wheelchair for about 6 months. I'm at work now and only have a second but feel free to PM me with any specific questions and I'd love to help!!
  10. Ouch!
    Your ankles sound worse than mine. I too have sprained and broken my ankles several times. Haven't had surgery (*knock on wood* tht I never will need to), but when I broke my ankle, I wasn't allowed to walk on it for the whole month the cast was on. When they took it off, I had to go through lots of physiotherapy and basically learn to walk again, since I hadn't been on it for over a month. I'm guessing that you will definitely need physio after the surgery and that they will get you back to normal. I wouldn't worry too much.
  11. I just had a ankle reconstruction on my right ankle in Melbourne with a great surgeon, Tim Schneider, working out of the Melbourne Orthopaedic Group and Glenferrie Private hospital. I had to pay out of pocket as I dont have decent insurance and this cost me $5400. If anyone wants to ask me anything about the process please feel free. Cheers
  12. i don't know if it qualifies as reconstruction but i had surgery on my R ankle and it is held together with pins and a metal spearhead. unfortunately the surgery has failed so they have to do it again, and now i need it on both ankles. i'm hoping they stagger the surgeries as i will be housebound if i need to rely on a wheelchair (i live on the 2nd floor of my apartment building and there are no elevators)!
  13. My best friends mom had major surgery on her one foot & ankle, she fell off a ladder and really messed up her foot/ankle. She has talked briefly about it to me. I am not sure what she had done--talks of pins being put in and lots of stitches. She is fully recovered and has no problem walking but does not wear high heel shoes and likes to wear pretty sandals and Uggs in the winter.
    Good luck.
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    I am soon to have foot and ankle reconstructive surgery in like 3 weeks.Its very very complicated as it was from a 20guage shotgun from about 2inches away almost straight down into my foot just to the inside of my inside ankle bone or cap as It barely chipped my ankle but destroyed everthing on its wat to the sole of my boot. The shotgun shells wading was lodged in the lower arch of my foot. Had I not been wearing my service boots(Ironically the same ones I was wearing when I was wounded in Iraq in 2004)it would have cut my foot in half, my boots were also tied tightly and bloused to keep ticks out. I certainly would have bled to death. Oh by the way I am the one that accidentally shot myself by not adhering to proper safety standards when unloading a single shot shot gun. If you want to ask questions about the procedures up till now and what is supposed to happen in 3 weeks which is when the foot reconstruction starts I will be happy to send pictures from early on and all the way through the final stages. DO NOT FURTHER MY PAIN AND EMBARRASSMENT BY ASKING OR MAKING STUPID COMMENTS ABOUT HOW IT HAPPENED. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT AND ALL ACCIDENTS CAN/MAY BE AVOIDED. However this hole process and the science behind saving a foot is so amazing I'd like to share it with somebody if they find it as amazing as I do. So... interested PM me if you do decide to harass me about the shooting I will report you and have your rights here revoked. Thanks for listening. Oh I went into the hospital May 07 and was released to heal at home 16 days later. It was that serious most of my stay was in ICU being checked on every hour on the hour. Now I can not have my foot below my heart for more than 30 minutes every 2 hours, a week ago it was 15minutes every two hours. I spend all day for the most part lying on my back in pain. Thank god I have a wonderful family support system of which my loving wife is the backbone.