Has anyone had an LV bag authenticated at the store?

  1. I posted this at Authenticate This! and didn't get much response, so thought I would try here...

    I bought a bag on ebay and don't think I'll carry it comfortably unless I have it authenticated at the store. Has anyone done this? How did it go? I feel funny going in because I didn't buy it there...
  2. Put up some pics in Authenticate this, get an opinion from us. I feel the same way you do, I don't know if I could go in and ask about a bag.
  3. Can you post the pics again??
    Sorry that you didn't get much responses..but sometime when someone already say it's real or fake people don't really want to keep repeating it.

    Please can you please post the clear picture of:

    date code
    the trademark stamp
    dust bag
    the lock and keys (if available)
    link to the auction you won

    I am sure you the PFers will be happy to help you

    I never been to the store to authenticate the item,I heard the SA automatically will say it's fake if you told them you bought it from Ebay. It's best to to say it's a gift and speak to the manager.
  4. I am not sure how to post pics, but the auction I won was

    I got a message that said it was authentic in AT!, but I think I need to go and have someone see it in person, such handbag insanity!
  5. well I saw a guy at the 5th avenue store in NYC asking for authentification and the SA said "sorry we don't carry this style" and the guy asked again "is it fake?" , the SA said again "we don't carry that style sir, Im sorry" .
  6. o girl, your cros. is def real!!
  7. I checked out the auction pics & it's definately real. Great buy!
  8. I brought a pochette once to the LV store to have it authenticated by the SA. They were 2 SAs at that time and they both were really nice to me. One recognized the CB pochette and said that it was authentic, while the other SA had never seen any CB pochette, thus she wasn't sure about it. They asked me where I got it from and how much did I paid for it. I said I got it off ebay for US$350, they both looked shocked as they said ebay is a scary place to buy an LV.
    I knew my pochette was 100% real before I brought it there, but I just wanted to see how they would react to it. From then, I know that never rely on the SA opinion 100% as some of them might not have enough knowledge on certain types of LV. However, I have never met a store manager before, so I'm not sure how well the person knows about LV. She/he might know a lot, I guess. :yes:
  9. Your auction is real. Don't worry. And I didn't actually do it myself, but I did speak to SA about people bringing bags in to get them authenticated and LV does it without any questions asked (at least the one in Toronto does).
  10. Everyone in this forum is so great! Thanks for taking the time to look and answer!
  11. I did this once, I was already there buying a wallet so I thought that I would see what the SA said. She said that the wallet I had her look at didn't look like one of theirs, but she was not sure because it was a vintage piece. I emailed pics to Angie at mypoupette, and she cleared things up...it was a real LV made under the French Co. That was that, they don't usually mind doing it, they just won't put anything in writing.
  12. that is a great bag you got.
  13. bjc, your bag is real. Don't worry. It is a gorgeous bag! Enjoy it!
  14. Don't worry..it's real..
    Great buy !!
  15. No I haven't but I'd feel akward doing so, as I buy all my bags @ the boutiques. Interestingly enough how some sas are unaware of things we addicts know!