Has anyone had all the vachetta replaced on a Keepall 50?

  1. I'm thinking this would probably be really expensive. :confused1: My Keepall is about 1.5 years old and has a beautiful honey patina. However, my CAT got into my closet and chewed on the shoulder strap :crybaby: I wouldn't want to have a brand-new shoulder strap with a completely different color of vachetta than the rest of the bag, so I'm thinking of just replacing it all.

    I've heard estimates in the range of $300-$400 for a speedy so I'm assuming that it would cost even more to do it to a keepall ? I only paid about $1K for the bag itself...


  2. cant be that much ... i changed my nolita handle, only like Singapore $168 ... which is US$100+?
  3. some one got the leather replaced on a speedy here i swear they said 168$.

    so maybe for a keepall they might charge double...

    its a nice idea. in my mind, i would want just a whole new bag but if u were willing to buy a new bag, use the difference left over after new leather for a new LV ;)
  4. ^^ Thanks. I know this sounds ridiculous but even if it was the same price to get a new bag, I think I would rather have the vachetta replaced on my current one... I actually have kind of a sentimental attachment to it. It was my first LV and I have used it a ton -- I take it on almost every trip.
  5. dont think 2 much for something u love :roflmfao:
  6. Why don't you get a new strap and help it patina a bit (leave it by a sunny window, etc.) in a few weeks the strap should match the bag if it's only a light honey color ;):yes: Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  7. ^^ Good idea!
  8. Buy a new strap - take it to the tanning bed and let it tan for about 1-1/2 hours. It will look just like the rest.
  9. Yes. I made 'sunbathing' place for my keepall in closet and it develop patina in very short time. You can try also baby wipes on strap and then 2-3 weeks of aunbathing and Your strap will look as rest of vachetta on your keepall. Good Luck!!