Has anyone had a wallet repaired?

  1. I bought a wallet last July - used daily, but always carried in my bag.
    The sealant has cracked in 2 places and one corner has sealant cracking and splitting.
    Is this just normal wear and tear?
    the weave shows lots of rubbing and fading, it looks like I've been using it for many years.
    I'm just really surprised how worn this looks in just 9 months.

    Is this something I could send to BV for spa treatment?

    I will try to take some pics
  2. [​IMG]

  3. here's a picture of the wear:

  4. I would bring it into a boutique- this does not seem like it should happen after just 9 months. They should repair or replace it gratis.
  5. A very similar thing happened to my wallet after just a few months of use. I don't think that Bottega's soft leather is hardy enough for an item like a wallet that gets banged around day-in and day-out. I think it would be fairly easy for them to re-dye your piece.

    Sorry this is happening to you, and I hope it gets fixed to your satisfaction.

  6. Any updates? I haven't gotten a woven wallet because I was afraid that something like that would happen. I would be interested in hearing BV's response.
  7. I know this is a bit obsessive, but I carry all my BV wallets inside their sleeper bags inside my handbags..In fact it appears that I just lost my sleeper and have to replace it ( I probably thought I was putting the sleeper inside my bag at the market as I got my zip around out, and I must have dropped it on the floor instead of my handbag.. I often put the wallet back in the sleeper when I get home..oh well) I have used the sleeper because I can see how delicate the piping is, and having used it for a year, it truly looks new.. It's just a suggestion..
  8. excellent idea.
    keeps the wallet in perfect condition, is light and no additional cost.
    thanks for the suggestion,
  9. The "sealant" that BV and everyone uses (how does Hermes finish their edges?) is some type of "plastic" and does crack usually where the wallet or handle bends. I wish that they would just finish the edges some other way, because it is often thick across those edges, and looks cheap when cracked or too thick. This should not be in a high end piece, but it is on all the bags that use this technique for finishing the edges. I have seen it crack across the edging by not separate the way the corner of your wallet has. If possible you should contact BV. I think that if they choose to use a product/technique, they should be aware of the limitations and faults of that product/technique.

    With regard to the delicate nature of nappa intrecciato in a wallet... I do not have any. The only intrecciato that I have is karung, and it has worn like iron. No fading. I wear my wallets hard and do not put them into their dust bags... too much of a hassle.
  10. Actually the 3rd picture (of the wear) looks exactly like parts of my oceano medium veneta which I have been wearing everyday. I am a little bothered by it, since I've only had the bag for like 5 months, but I dont want to redye it because the bag is so incredibly soft that I am constantly touching it. Please let me know what you plan on doing, because I will probably need to redye the bag in a year or so if this keeps up and gets worse!
  11. I have been so lazy - I really need to get on this and figure out of any aspects of the "wear" are repairable
    it's such a useful wallet and great size, I don't want to part with it to send it away!
  12. Be prepared if you decide to send your wallet back for maintenance, cause it may take a while. I once sent a wallet back to BV, and it took nearly half year to get back the result. But thanks to the excellent customer care of BV. Instead of the un-repairable wallet, they gave me store-credit for future purchase.
  13. I have 2 wallets (intrecciato nappa, lizard, and ostrich) and a passport cover (ostrich) that has the same type of crack as pic #2 (where the wallet and passport cover bends). I use my pieces carefully, never putting them in a back pocket. I haven't send them back for repair, but I think eventually they'll have to be repaired.
  14. I believe Hermes uses wax to seal the bag edges...it is definitely not plastic.
  15. yes, I think so too! If I spend hundreds of $ in a wallet, it should be ok more than only some month! If this is normal, why should I buy BV? I could also buy a inspired 30$-wallet, because for this price it's ok if I throw it away after a year.

    I would be really pissed!