Has anyone had a seamstress replicate an Armani "tee" shirt?

  1. I know I've carped about this before, but...

    Armani finally came up with one of their tees in a taupe color. My color, and I need 10 of them because they look perfect under every suit jacket and blazer I own. Oh, but they're $355 each.


    I am now really desperate (but not $355 worth of desperate.)

    Is the secret to these tees the material or cut? Can the material be sourced elsewhere and the tailoring replicated by a talented seamstress?
  2. I can't view the link - but seamstresses don't usually make t-shirts.
  3. Link does not work for me either.
  4. Your hardest part would be sourcing the fabric.
  5. jeez louise. don't know why i can't get that image to appear.
  6. Wow! It is absolutely ridiculous to charge this much for a t-shirt unless it is made from golden elf- hair that was collected during a blue moon and handsewn by garden gnomes.

    If you can find similar fabric you can put a request on Etsy to find someone who'll make it for you. All they'd need is a basic sloper pattern and a serger/overlocker.
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    Yikes! $355 for THAT?? I'm sure you can find a seamstress to make some like this for you. But you may have to buy one shirt first so that she has a pattern with the right fit to work from.

    I'm not a professional seamstress but I have made for friends multiple versions of a shirt that they found fit them especially well. As others have noted the problem is finding the right fabric. Most seamstresses will ask you to provide it. When buying fabric the fabric is something that you need to touch and feel. Almost impossible to buy clothing fabric off the Internet. And if you don't live in a city like New York with lots of fabric-shopping choices it can be almost impossible to find decent garment fabric.

    I suggest first taking a look at some of the fabric stores near your house to see if they sell anything remotely like what you have in mind.

    Good luck!

    P.S. You asked whether the secret to these tees is the cut or fabric. It's always both. But the "drape" or "hand" of the fabric is what's most crucial. In other words you could sew this same shirt out of calico but it would not hang or fit as well. It would look like an entirely different shirt even if all the pieces were cut and sewed the same.
  8. The great thing about these shirts is that they lay flat under jackets, with no visible seams around the neckline.
  9. U had any luck finding anyone so far then to make it? Take it you would not have a go yourself? I could never make anything myself I'd be useless!