Has anyone had a problem with Wisteria Spys

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  1. Hi everyone was looking at the Wisteria Honey spys (Think someone on here had one).
    Has anyone had a problem with the flowers coming off or the flowers catching on things. I gather they are stitched on, they are not stuck on are they?
  2. Hi Saich--I just got my honey Wisteria and I can't believe how incredibly soft the leather is!! Everyone here said it was, but until now I just had the gold one, which is beautiful, but is not as soft because the metallic spray makes it a little less soft. It's still soft, though--I just couldn't imagine that the regular leather could be softer! I just sit there and stroke my bag ::::sigh:::::heart: :heart: :heart: .

    Oh yes...the flowers...! I did hesitate for the longest time--couldn't decide whether to get that one or the honey without the flowers. I'm still not sure which is the better choice, but I just went with what I loved the best. The flowers are firmly stitched down--it's very well made. I can see how the top flowers could catch on something and possibly rip off because they are bigger. (In checking it over for you, I discovered for the first time the underside of the flowers--it's an even softer sueded leather than the rest of the bag--this bag is a *total sensual experience*!)

    So....I jumped in and bought it, and don't regret it. I think they add a very feminine touch. I'd say that if you're going to be using it alot and it's your only bag and you're carrying alot of things on a daily basis, the flowers could possibly get ripped. But it is extremely well sewn down. The top flowers do flop loose about 2 inches or so.

    Happy decision-making!
  3. Did someone just have a bagasm? hehehe.

    It's a beautiful bag and the flower does get a feminine feel to it.
  4. WHEW!!! I was starting to feel the *total sensual experience* myself until I got to the part about "two inches"! :Push:
  5. ROFL :roflmfao:
  6. Love the "Sensual Experience" never had one of these with a bag....this will be my first.....LOL

    Thanks girls now to decide if o Rob a Bank or win the Lottery to get it
  7. I have a honey wisteria spy and I concur! She seems softer than the other spies (though my other ones are petrol and chocolate). She is my most favorite and gets comments all the time whenever I carry her. Literally, SA's will flock over and give her cat calls. Just imagine the Chanel SA blowing kisses to my sweet Wisteria! :love: :love:

    The flowers are stitched on. You don't really have to worry about them falling off unless someone is tugging at them. This is one of the most perfect spies ever! It's pure love! :heart:
  8. Cannot wait to get mine that I have just bought, I have seen the regular Honey spy but not the Wisteria so looking forward to my one comeing

    Thanks everyone for the info.:yahoo:
  9. Yea!! Enjoy your gorgeous bag.
    Loved the comments....!! 2 inches--LOL--I had no idea what I just said...:wtf: :roflmfao:
  10. I am considering buying a honey wisteria spy from the Neiman Marcus website. I live in Australia and I missed out on the honey wisteria spy when it first came out. The only worry I have buying from Neiman Marcus online is that I don't get to pick the spy in-store and check out the leather, as each bag's leather is slightly different I worry that the leather is too smooth and not as pebbly. I really like the pebbly leather look. Can anyone tell me whether all honey wisteria are made from pebbly nappa leather? and whether anyone has purchased a honey wisteria spy from neiman marcus and whether the leather turned out very pebbly. Thanks

  11. Hi, I have just now bought a Wisteria Honey spy from a PF member, I was going to get it from Neiman Marcus but they was mucking me about so much that I cancel my order and bought one from a PF member on ebay (it has not arrived yet). I am fanatical about the bubbleness of spys I only usually buy the most bubbly one their is, saying that I do not think Honey spys in general are all that bubbly nor the Wisteria I could be wrong but the ones I have seen are not bubbly, but its such a stunning bag that I have forgone the bubbles this time. Theirs a thread on here showing off spys pictures only have a look at LV addit picture the bag is stunning. By the was if you do go for Neiman Marcus they only have 2 left. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks Saich2, now you have got me a bit worried....I really like the pebbly leather effect. The pic on the neiman marcus site, would you consider that pebbly?
  13. Its a bit pepply do not think its flat but its not as pebbly as a lot of the spys. That picture could be an old picture anyway it will not be I would not think the one you get. You can order from them and if you do not like it can return it.
  14. Have a look at the Visual Aids thread on here
  15. Saichy Girl, has your wisteria arrived yet? PICSPICSPICS!!!!:yahoo: