Has anyone had a problem w/denim rubbing off on Chili Carly?

  1. Hello, I've never posted before but I've been lurking for a while. I bought the large chili Carly over the weeked and oh what a gorgeous bag, but I noticed a dark stain near the bottom. I don't know if it was there when I bought it or if it rubbed on my jeans today. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Amanda
  2. I have had some denim rub off on my khaki/saddle Carly. I am going to try to clean it with the signature cleaner. Hopefully it will work! Perhaps if any of the SAs around see this thread they might know?
  3. If you were any of your signature bags with dark denim then you run the risk of getting what is called a dye to dye transfer. The problem is with the dye in the jeans not with your bag. If you catch it early enough you can use cleaner to get most of it out.
  4. Oh man I would DIE if I got demin stains on my bags. I can't stand imperfections on something I spent so much money on. O_O
  5. Denim transfer can happen on any bag. I am careful about using lighter colored bags when wearing dark fabrics, especially jeans.