Has anyone had a leather jacket altered?

  1. My mother has this buttah-soft Andrew Marc leather jacket from the early 1990s. The shoulder pads are HUGE. They are seriously comical. I don't know how my tiny mom could have worn this!

    It might cost a lot, but I'd love to have the jacket altered to remove the shoulder pads and make it a better fit. I've seen a couple of good reviews online about a leather repair shop that's not too far. I'm thinking of asking for an estimate.

    Has anyone ever done this? Good results? Terrible?

    It would be awesome if I could make a bag out of it :]
  2. yes, i have.
    it costed me $110 to alter my leather jacket but it was a $750 jacket so it was worth it.
    i would bring it in to a reputable place, like Sears' alterations department. i had the shoulders taken in 1". the only problem was that the shoulders were originally pleated and now they aren't. i liked the puffy sleeve look at the shoulder but now it looks more classic and simple. they weren't able to sew the sleeve back on with the pleats. oh well.
  3. Yes! I had a distressed dark butterscotch 3/4 length coat that I had taken in (and sleeves shortened) when I lost about 35 lbs a few years ago. It was a fit & flare type coat and honestly was worth the about $150 I spent in getting it altered. It's now going on 8 years old and maybe a tad dated even with the alterations (or perhaps my taste is changing) but I'm so glad I got the coat and got a second wind out of it with taking it in!

    There is simply no substitute for a well tailored piece of outerwear.