Has anyone had a interview at Nordstrom???

  1. =) Hey ladies... I got a interview at Nordstromthis week and I'm very nervous! Does anyone have advice on how to dress - or what kind of questions should I prepare myself for?... This would actually be my first interview with a retail store!!!..
  2. I have no idea how the interview process it, but one of my friends works there.

    They'll ask you all the typical questions. She said she emphasized customer service because that's what Nordies is all about. She has quite a personality, too.. so I bet that didn't hurt.

    I was thinking about applying there if my job falls through (up for contract renewal) because I'm looking to just chill out for a bit. I was thinking about Neimans, too. Keep the forum updated, I wanna know how it goes!!

    Good luck, sorry for the little help.
  3. Thanks... I'm actually practicing interview questions right now - But I'll update as so as possible... My interview is tomorrow....:heart::heart::heart::wtf:
  4. I hope you do well. I agree with meggiew00t, they are big on customer service. good luck
  5. I used to work for Nordies :smile: Refer to the customer as the guest. They might ask you stuff about how you think a customer should be treated. Wear nice black slacks and a blouse or blazer. (My black slacks, maroon blouse and black blazer worked for me in this occasion). Be honest - and tell them how you really feel. But they are looking for emphasis on guest relations and how to make sure that the customer has a positive shopping experience every time they come into the store.
  6. I interviewed at their corporate office and definitely dress professional! And yes, be honest and emphasize your customer service skills.