Has anyone had a clothing/shoe/kids clothes/toy swap with friends?

  1. Looking for ideas and best practices from those who have done something like this in the past...

    The other night, one of my close friends and I were talking about organizing an invitation-only clothing/shoe/toy/kids clothes swap party with friends. I would offer my house and people could bring over things in good condition to swap around or even sell high end stuff if they wanted. We were thinking of doing this right after Thanksgiving, right as shopping season swings into full gear.

    The targeted goods would be in good condition, not broken, worn out, etc. This is nice stuff they don't use/like/wear anymore/never worn and don't want, or their kids have outgrown. People could drop stuff off to me during the day, I could arrange things before the event.

    We would invite our friends and networks, serve drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and guests could browse, try stuff on and take home what they wished. I'm thinking of a more classy, fun, girls' evening vs. a flea market environment.

    If people had high end/expensive things they wished to sell instead of offering to swap, they could price them and we could put them in a separate "for sale" room.

    People could take home their things that aren't taken/sold OR I was thinking I could obtain agreement from people who don't want to take their own stuff back home, to donate them to a shelter or charity thrift shop.

    Woud love to hear inputs on this idea, and any experiences/do's/don'ts if you've done something like this before.

    Thank you in advance! :flowers: