Has anyone had a bag repaired?

  1. I was just looking up on the site for repairs all it says is that you mail them in for an evaluation. I would like to hear your expierence with Gucci and repairs/returns/exchanges. Thanks!
  2. I have had mine repaired... basically I took my bag into my SA and she looked at it and said that she would repair it... mine was free she then tagged it and said it would be mailed back to me at my home. I did fill out a little card and I got my bag about 3 weeks later!
  3. I had two pochettes that needed to be repaired- my very adorable but very sneaky little puppy chewed the straps off of them. Each strap was going to cost $108 and it was going to take 4-6 weeks. I ended up bringing them to a local shoe repair guy and he was able to fix both. We were able to save one strap- he just cut off the chewed part and shortened it. The other one, he dyed a piece of leather to match. They both look brand new and it only cost $30 and took a week. So I guess it depends what kind of repair you need to have done!
  4. I brought my belt bag in to get repaired. The stitching was coming out and the strap was coming out from the bag. I brought it to Holt Renfrew and was told I wouldn't be charged b/c I had a one year warranty. They sent it off to Toronto and I didn't get it back until a month and a half later! Then when it came back another SA tried to charge me $35 CAD because she said that they don't do the one year warranty thing anymore. Luckily, the first SA just walked in and recognized me and didn't charge me.
  5. hi i have a gucci document bag, which was bought quite long ago, the inside of the document bag has started flaking, do you think Gucci will accept it for repair? will the cost to repair be huge? Has anyone every experience that with any of their old gucci bag.... by the way i bought it about 10 years ago
  6. I had to send a white leather bag into Gucci Repairs for cleaning. I just got it back yesterday and they did a beautiful job restoring the leather. Just be patient. It took several weeks for the repair.