Has anyone had a bad experiance with Shining Monkey??

  1. Alot of people seem to not like AG products and are recomending Shining monkey......has anyone here had a bad experiance??

    Thanks you girls!!:flowers:
  2. I love it for my bags and DH loves it for his car!
  3. I've used it and had no problems.
  4. MissV, try Wilson's spray. It's much better than AG and it has a great track record for keeping bags looking great! And it's specifically made for bags and small leather products.:yes:
  5. I know I asked this in another thread but where do I find Shining Monkey. I have never heard of it.
  6. use Shining Monkey! i used it on my bags and it worked great. then i decided to try Apple Garde and i almost cried.

    you can get it at the shining monkey website, or Amazon, i think
  7. I did a search and found this:
  8. Like almost anything...do a simple search on google and you can find it :yes:
  9. SM has worked perfect for me
  10. Satine, SM worked perfectly on a bag? or on your car?
  11. SM has worked great so far on my LVs. Although I don't approve of the SM dealings in PF, I'll keep using their product for now.
  12. SM Rocks! :yes: I got caught in a freak rain strom with my speedy and thought "Oh :censor: my bags going to get rain drops on it" I didn't have anything to cover my bag, so I braved the rain with my bag. And to my surprise, no Ugly rain spots! The bag got soaked and looked all funky, but about 20 min. later, back to normal. :love: Shining Monkey has worked great on my bf leather seats.
  13. no bad experience here
  14. Which Wilson's leather spray?