Has anyone gotten their Edith yet?

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  1. I am getting impatient waiting to get my Edith (on waiting list still) and just dying to see this bag IRL already. Has anyone received one yet? And if so, how do you like it? And can you post pics if possible! Thanks!!!:biggrin:
  2. On its way from London...currently "resting" in Ohio...hope it reaches CA soon...
  3. Ooooh me too! You must post pics- lucky girl!!!
  4. :sad: still waiting. called BES yesterday...not yet
  5. I saw it IRL yesterday and decided against it because it has really stiff leather and the handles weren't comfortely rolled, they actually hurt a bit. The whole bag reminded me of an old men's bag. That's just my opninion.
  6. ^ I am still "wondering" about the bag...jumped on it when available on NAP as now I will "know" in March rather than May. If it doesn't work out for me I will see if anyone wants it before sending it back.
  7. That is what I am afraid of... all of this waiting too is making me go nuts. I just don't know if it will live up to my expectations. I guess if it doesn't- I will go with either the Jimmy Choo hobo or ramona, or maybe even a b-bag (would be my first!)... I guess I will just have to wait and see..:sad2:
  8. I saw this IRL too at a chloe event at my local Nordy's. I didn't care for the bag too much either.:sad:
  9. Plus, Cristina's new Chanel tote is seriously giving me serious second thoughts. :love: It's just so much more classic, I know-I am all over the place now.
  10. :lol: The tote will take over the world! Muahahahaha :P
  11. Sorry for the late post...the tote tried to take over my office, as well! J/K. The Edith is featured in the new Lucky magazine and the People "Style Watch" for spring, both of which (I believe) came out yesterday if anyone is interested.
  12. LOL! And it should, it's gorgeous!
  13. Me too!! I NEED that tote! I'm almost hoping I don't like the edith when it comes in:lol:
  14. I went to NM last night and they said my Edith won't be in till end of March (most likely). UGH. So while I was there, I checked out the Chanel Tote (a la Cristina) and fell in love. But I don't need another black bag- really need brown. And they said the Chocolate Tote is sold out across the country:cry: So I guess I was too late for the tote- maybe next season. The SA showed me a balenciaga as a back up- the leather was so soft I couldn't stop holding the bag (never knew they were that luxurious) and now I am deciding between the Edith (when it comes in) or a balenciaga in chocolate or indigo. AHHHHH!
  15. Balenciaga is a great choice! I like B-bags better than the Edith :amuse: The Chanel tote also comes in beige, white and pale pink, in case you like any of those colors, too :nuts: It's gorgeous in both the beige and white. I'm not a pale pink person :P