Has anyone gotten their CLs from barneys.com?

  1. Those of you who ordered online...any news that they shipped? Mine has been "preparing for shipping" for 2 days... Unlikely they will do anything over the weekend, but I am so anxious!
  2. Yeah, processing takes FOREVER! But then once they're shipped it only takes a couple days.
  3. I have a pair that Fed Ex has tried to deliver twice but I haven't been home. So yes, they have definitely shipped them.
  4. I got mine a week after I purchased them.
  5. Mine came superfast but they were shipped from NJ to NY so that may explain it.
  6. Nope. Both of my orders got canceled just today even though I ordered them on 11/28, but I was able to find them in store so oh well. I would have liked free shipping, but they can't waive shipping on anything that's on sale.
  7. UGH, the shoes I actually wanted were canceled and the ones that I am on the fence have been shipped and I will get them soon. I live on the west coast, so my orders from BG and Barneys are always super late no matter what method I use. So I just don't even bother with express shipping, just get the free shipping if available. Oh well.
  8. Do you know why they were cancelled? Did they over sell??
  9. The smaller size I ordered 12/1 still hasn't been shipped and it says in process. I sure hope they don't cancel it!
  10. Yes, they said it was canceled due to "unexpected high demand".
    Arrgh. :hysteric:
  11. mine still says "preparing for shipping" when I log in. :confused1:
  12. ugh how annoying that they were cancelled, :tdown:
  13. i ordered mine on 28th as soon as i saw them on sale. and i wasnt sure wat size so i ordered three different sizes and i never got a email saying they were shipped till today. i just received email saying cuz of high demand on the shoes my orders been cancelled! i don't get it!! i ordered them as soon as i saw them go on sale but its sold out? doesnt make sense..
  14. so they told you they were shipped and then told you they were sold out? That's going to really piss me off if that happens.
  15. Makes you really appreciate Saks!!