Has anyone gotten their bags professionally cleaned?

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  1. I’ve been looking for a place to take a few of my bags to be cleaned. I don’t like wearing dirty or stained bags and I’d really prefer to have a professional do the job, due to fatal experiments before. My problem is that I contacted a few cleaners and either they didn’t do it or the one specialty shop that does do it admitted to me they actually send them out to California and have someone do it there, it would take at least a month and cost me $50 each bag. Maybe that’s not that much for some but that seems pricey to me. One is suede and the others are fabric/leather blends.

    Has anyone gotten their bags cleaned before? What is the going rate usually? Any tips on finding a good cleaner?
  2. I got mind professionally cleaned by a place called Modern Leather Goods in New York. They are known to clean birkins and other high-end leather goods.

    However, mine was a patent leather tote bag and honestly I think the patent leather got a little wrinkled after the cleaning. I would only bring it in if it is a standard leather bag.
  3. I can clean normal leather or patent leather with leather cleaners and conditioners. My problem is cleaning a suede handbag. It's dirty and the normal suede brush and eraser isn't doing the job. I'd also like to get fabric bags cleaned. Maybe I'll just suck it up and have them sent out to get cleaned. I just find it hard to justify spending $50 on bag that originally cost $350, I love the bag so even if I only spent $5 on it, it will be worth it.
  4. Hi! Not sure what state you are in, but I have heard great things about "Lovin My Bags" and just sent a bag of mine there...however it will be closer to $75 and is in NY. May I ask where in CA they suggested you get your bag cleaned?
  5. I used LMB to clean huge coffee spills off my bag and refurbish the leather. The bag came back looking like new. It cost about 125 several years ago plus add to that shipping to and from. If it's a "forever bag" for you then LMB is worth every cent.
  6. I got my silk vintage bags professionally dry cleaned at my local couture cleaners called Sterling Cleaners. They are in Los Angeles and I think your in NY? But I would assume that most dry cleaners that specialize in couture would have a bag cleaning division. They did a great job with mine after a drunk girl bumped into me and my amazing and impeccably clean silk clutch fell into a puddle of bar gunk (ICK!!). It cost me about $25. Goodluck!
  7. I'm not sure where or who they send it to. I'm looking into places that specialize in leather around here, I'm sure they had to of done it before.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions!