Has anyone gotten the Rock & Chain Hobo yet?

  1. The Rock & Chain hobo is definitely growing on me, but I've only seen so-so pictures of it...I haven't seen a good picture of the side of the bag!

    Has anyone gotten it yet? Please post pictures?? :flowers:
  2. I'm waiting too! I'm waiting for some really good pictures with the bag stuffed and on the shoulder, so I can see what it really looks like, but most importantly, I'm waiting for the bag to arrive in the store so I can buy it! If it fits easily over my shoulder and doesn't stick out too much resembling a sack cloth... that bag is mine!
  3. Nerdphanie did a post with a side view of this bag. I know she is waitlisted for it. I think the pic was croc but it should give you an idea. Search for her posts and you should find it.
  4. Is this what you are looking for?

  5. Yes, this is it! Looking for the calfskin one though, not the croc. I've seen some photos of this bag, but the pics are always from this angle/side. I'd like to see a picture of the lateral view of this bag...

    It's a cutie, that's for sure! Definitely edgier than the Cabas, which is pretty much played out and practically impossible to get...
  6. It's a trunk show memory now, but I loved how the large one looked on. You are sort of enveloped in bag. The short chain just rests on the shoulder. It's very soft and drapes nicely, without sticking out from the body a lot. The one thing I sort of ignored, bacause it looked and felt so great, was seeing how hard the bag is to get in and out of.
  7. That's the only picture I've seen, but it is from the runway and that means it is probably carefully stuffed with a bit of tissue paper and that's it.

    I really want to see how it looks on a normal person's shoulder. With the usual things we put inside. I want to see how puffy it gets and will my arm stick out, like a Michelin Man, when I'm wearing it.
    I love the fact that it will be soft and drape nicely. I hadn't thought about getting in and out of it though. I hadn't considered that fact that it will be difficult considering the strap is so short. It's probably the kind of bag you have to take off your shoulder to get into... ?

    Oh well. Nothing's perfect...
  8. I am waiting for it too!! I ordered the smaller white hobo. My SA showed me a bag that resembled it for size. I wish I knew which one it was, it resembled a bean (i am told it comes with the inner case attached to it)
    It was supposed to come in last week, but now they are saying a few more weeks.
  9. I found it! It resembles the a messenger bag from the outdoor line. Look in that thread in the reference. Thats the one my SA both in Chanel and the one in NM showed me for reference.
  10. what do u guys think...the rock n chain hobo or rock n chain flap??? does the
  11. does the hobo come in a small and large size?? i talked to a SA and she says there's 2 large hobos. anyone know if there is a small hobo and how much?
  12. An SA told me that the larger one is $2350 and the smaller one is not easily carried over the shoulder.
  13. The smaller hobo is the one you see in a lot of pictures, like the ones where it is being held by the chains. The chains portion is quite a bit longer on the small. I need to go look a t the pix, because I can't envision why it would be hard to get on the shoulder. hmmmm.
  14. Larger hobo is 2350. Smaller one is 1850
  15. the pictures you see most often are the flap bag and the large hobo. the chain looks short of the large hobo ($2350) but if you closely, the bag slouches down so much that it creates a huge drop for your shoulders to comfortably fit in. and i hear the small hobo ($1975) looks similar but it's quite a bit smaller and more of a hand-held bag.