Has anyone gotten the new Expandable bags yet???

  1. Are they even out yet?

    I can't wait to see them IRL!!!
  2. i am still waiting for the phone call....
    where are the expandable bags......??? i thought they were supposed to come in march....
  3. I called my SA today and they have not gotten them in. I have the white expandable and black "lock" bag waitlisted and neither have hit stores yet. I saw the expandable at the Trunk Show and it is beautiful!!!!! It was love at first sight!!!:heart:
  4. I saw it in Beige(camel) today at the Saks trunk show..I freakin LOVED it..Yes..My name is down for it now!!HEEHEE!!!!!!
    They should be coming out in 3-4 weeks
  5. Which are nicer IRL - the expandable flaps or totes? And does the flap hold as much as the Jumbo??
  6. Jill, what expandable did you see and like? The tote or flap?
  7. Tote
  8. No one has gotten one yet ???

    The Chicago Boutique had the tote in last weekend and I can't stop thinking about it! :love: I am hoping to get one from Saks at the next EGC tho ...
  9. I saw the black tote at several chanel boutiques in NY today -- on Mad Ave and on 57th St. I also saw the white flap on 57th St.
  10. I was at Costa Mesa over the weekend. I went to downstair to use their bathroom I saw their are like 6 big Chanel black boxes sitting outside of the lock room all alone. So I took a peek at the label on the box. Guest what they were all look like expandable tote from 07P. I ask my SA what what are thoses & she said they're all reserved.
  11. For those of you who have seen the tote, how is the bottom of the bag? From the picture where it's standing up, it looks like the bottom is sorta round and structured? When the bag is on your shoulder, does the bottom portion get in the way when you're walking? Or is it less structured? I'm wondering if it's comparable to how the bottom of the LV Petit Noe gets in the way because it's so structured. I want something more smooshy and not structured. Thanks for anyone's help!
  12. I got a call this past Friday that a black expandable drawstring bag was available if I wanted it. I had to pass, I am more drawn to the navy.:yes:
  13. I like the navy too Smooth. I am waitlisted for the flap in navy.
  14. i *think* i saw what must have been the expandable flap over the weekend (it was black with very large quilting and a zipper that extended from the side to the bottom of the bag). it was really cute!!
  15. are they the bags with the zipper running around the bottom of the bag? gorgeous
    if they are, i cradled one at the Chanel Worth Ave. on Monday and god help me, have some business to attend to there tomorrow (not specifically at Chanel, but...on the Avenue..) risk of business meeting moving into Chanel exists.......

    please, girls, a prayer circle for me - cannot afford the bag.............someone make it stop calling my name:supacool: