Has anyone gotten the new Ballerina flats in white?

  1. I have them and they're very comfy. I just love them!
  2. i wont be able to walk in them ... i need heels .. at least one inch lol

    after all they're soo cute ... i might give it a try though
  3. Those are so cute!!
  4. Very cute!
  5. I actually got a pair for my funky daughter and she loves them. Personally I need a heel, but they are super cute, nonetheless:balloon:
  6. ooh! I love them!! too bad eluxury doesn't ship to Canada!
  7. those are sooo cute!
  8. my mom has those!!!
  9. Very cute shoes.
  10. I have them. See my icon? That's them.

    I love them but it's too cold to wear them right now.

    edit: Oh sorry, I don't have the westerns, I have the My Dior flats.
  11. very very cute.
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