Has anyone gotten the LP Piper Speedy from Anthropologie in Orange???

  1. Hi...I was wondering if anyone has gotten the linea pelle Piper Speedy from Anthropologie in "orange" and if IRL it is the same color as on linea pelle website called "sherry/burnt orange"? I'd love to hear a review of the bag from Anthropolgie if anyone has it. TIA!:confused1:
  2. I ordered the linea pelle Dylan double handle in "pumpkin". I called CS to get a description of the color. She said it was definitely orange. Since it was on sale and I had a code for an additional $35 off and free shipping, I decided to order it.

    I absolutely love the smooshy leather, the bag collapses when there is nothing in it. CS was right, it's orange! But I love the color, looks great with jeans. I will wear mine year round.

    I just looked at the lp website to see the sherry orange color. I looked at the Piper Folding Clutch in sherry orange, it is definitely darker than my orange bag. Anthropologie probably just abbreviated the name of the color to orange.

    I found a coupon for 15% off and free shipping, expires today, SAS15.

    Happy New Year!
  3. I'm waiting for my bag to arrive. I called CS and the model# on the Anthropologie bag is the same as on the LP site for the Piper Speedy. I'll let you know about the color, when I receive it.
  4. MOO: I really love that dark sherry/burnt orange color rather than the real orange color because I think it would fit in nicely with what I need. Your sweet Pudge is SO SWEET!!! What breed of dog is Pudge?

    RISINGSUN: Oh please let me know what you think when it arrives.... I know you are looking for that sherry color also so GOOD LUCK!!! I really can't wait to hear. The bag is so expensive that I only want to get it if it is EXACTLY what I want!!!
  5. He is a Bischon Frise and is truly my baby. Great disposition with people and other dogs. Huge plus is that he doesn't shed!

    You will love the lp leather, it feels so good I find myself petting it!
  6. I have the Dylan Dual pocket messenger in pumpkin and it is a really vibrant orange. It does look awesoem with jeans though and seeing that i love orange, it is perfect for me. The leather is so soft and scrumptious. I am really becoming a fan of LP. Good luck with your purchase. Hope it all works out for you.
  7. I finally heard back from CS at Anthro - and it's definitely orange, not sherry. She was very sure about that.
  8. Is she referring to the Speedy? That's the way it's listed, per CS. I wish I knew if the CS rep actually saw the bag. I wonder why LP would send a different color bag to be sold? I think I'll call LP directly and ask them about it, since they did supply the bag to Anthro. Why I am being so compulsive about this Speedy:push:
  9. Let us know what you find out! I am with you on the complusiveness!
  10. For you gals who own an Linea Pelle, how do you think the Piper weekender (a larger bag than the Speedy) would hold up as a large work tote every day, even in snowy Chicago?
  11. P.S. I'm betting it's the same bag--Anthro just likes to rename their bags and I assume they rename the colors, too.
  12. I was debating myself on that one too, but then I decided to get the speedy instead b/c the leather is so soft, and the bag is unstructured that can't hold my laptop well. If you do get the weekender, please show the modeling picture, I haven't seen one yet.
  13. Good news, my friends!! I just received my authentic LP Piper Speedy in Sherry/Orange from Anthropologie:tup: Since I had the same bag in taupe, I can tell you that this is the real deal. It's a beautiful bag and it won't be going back:yahoo: If anyone wants to pics, let me know.
  14. I'd love to see what this color looks like, it sounds beautiful!
  15. Here she is...so soft, so smooshy:wlae:
    LP Sherry a.jpg