Has anyone gotten plastic surgery in Korea from out of country during covid?


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Sep 14, 2020
So I'm planning on getting a procedure done during winter break and I wasn't sure how to go about this. If anyone could share their experience that would be amazing.

  1. How was the two week quarantine and how much did they charge you?
  2. Are we supposed to reach out to the clinic in advance or do they have walk in appointments?
    1. if so how did you guys schedule consultations (over the phone etc)
    2. I do know the clinics that promote to foreigners do consultations through instagram/kakaotalk but this is a local clinic :sad:
  3. How long did you have to stay in Korea to get post op check ups
My winter break lasts for 4 weeks after the quarantine period, so would that be enough time to get a rhinoplasty done. Also the clinic I plan on going to is not promoted towards foreigners however I have family who can help me when I get there. I was just curious how to manage my time, thanks!
Jul 25, 2019
don't do any form of surgery during covid. Wait until there is an effective vaccine first.
I wouldn't recommend anyone to do PS out of western world.
If you get into complication you have no aftercare.
ONly go if you know about the PS from a friend that you can trust.
Plastic surgeons often post their own positive reviews to lure patients to their practice for money.
And sometimes they have patients will do reviews for them in exhange for free surgery or a big
discount off surgery these are not reviews that you can trust 100 percent.
Just becuase there is a succesful procedure doesn't mean there won't be any botched surgery.
My facelift was severely botched. Dr. Chia Jung Chuang of Wish Clinic probalby most likely
f*ck up foreigners faces because what are we going to do???? There is no aftercare and
what is suing him going to get???? First of all lawyers aren't too be trusted.
In Asia doctors don't carry malpractice insurance and dr .Scum bag charged me western price for
barbaric facelift. Leaving me with a ton of scars cutting onto my face. I am warning others so people
be aware. The only English speaking lawyer there is in Taipei , Taiwan will also scam you.
They don't get a big pay out because in Asia ther is no pain and suffering award. So if u do get an award it is very
little.. They will ask for 3,500 for each try, then up to 10,500 usd. So why anyone will trust another scam. there is no guarantee that
the lawyer is really working on your behalf and just steal your money..... Another scam foreigners will have to face.
In western world the pay out is high for pay and suffering and lawyers get 40 percent of the cut, so they will work much
harder than the lawyers in Asia.......... I cannot pull my hair back .I have to use a hair to cover the side of my face.
my skin is brown black from wish clinics dr, Butcher cutting off blood supply to my skin.
My right face has a super huge dent and my left side have one too but smaller.
He made a cut about an inch across on my face near the upper part of my ear on my right side
of the face. On my left side, he made another one and this cut is very deep and much uglier
than the right side.
High SMAS facelift on his 2017 video show that he cut along the line and go up the hairline
From what I know realized he didn't do a high SMAS facelift as what I paid for.
At surgery date I told his Accountant to write me a receipt of what I am paying for each procedure.

If anyone of u going to get boob jobs or whatever from wish clinic bring your cell phone camera and video tape everything when you
are paying, also make sure the employee will put their thumb print on your receipt. They gave me a receipt on the company letter head and I asked Theresa to sign it and she just inital it...................... Bring a friend or relative with you. So your relative keeps the receipt while you are waiting in the waiting room. I went alone. I thought my purse was locked up and only my fingerprint can access this locker. Nop, they can use your fingerprint to open the locker. All these need is your fingerprint and they can get it from your fingerprint on the consent form. ....

I strongly recommend people not to do any facial plastic surgery with this Dr. Quack. His facelift is not even worth paying
1,000 usd. It didn't do anything for my laugh line. In fact, it made it look worst .His fat grafting didn't help. Fat graft sucess depends on the surgeon doing it and how he does it. You can look this up. All the fat he put into my laugh line are now gone. PS in United States told me it is the technique,skills , and experience that makes all the differences.
I paid over 250 at a backpack hotel. I stayed for 2 nights. I wasn't sure if I will go ahead with surgery but after consultantion and all the lies and misinformation that dr. Jimmy Chuang aka Dr Chia Jung Chuang Dr, Jia jong Chuang, and several other different spelling sof his chinese name inenglish, I gone ahead with the surgery not knowing that he is dr, Botched jobs . I later conversed with several former patients of his. He is only good at boob jobs and nothing else. He has botched eyelids, nose jobs, fat graft , lift lift, face lifts,
forehead lifts. His botched mostly on facial surgery since about 80 percent of his practice is boob jobs...................
I spent approx 1400 with East Inn and Vandom hotel chain. Same hotel owner.
East Inn have better cable. Lots of channels. Vendom cable not so many channels. My Eva airline ticket was 1450. Why?? If I do travel I have to go and my kids changed their mind they didn't wann go. I have noticed Dr. chuang accountant theresa I am coming alone. I booked the ticket about 4 days before departure is the reason why it was so high.
Dr. Scum bag asked me why I stayed at a coffin hotel which he was refering to was a backpack hotel.
I should have told him I am not sure If I will do surgery with him or even in taipei was the reason why I picked the backpack hotel.
If I had found the truth about dr. Scum bag on internet with all his alias, I would have bought a flight to south korea to get facelift
from a facelift expert. This doctor cannot speak english and he is known to have done hundreds of facelifts for 10K usd and quess what he will provide room and board if you do surgery like the amt I paid dr,. botched job.

Dr .Jimmy chuang is unethical and is a big fraud. I paid him 11,500 usd which at the time is equivalent to 350,000 Taiwan currency.
He caused a ton of damage to my face. The steroid shots are at 300 and it is the quantity they used is very little so you will end up
paying 300 X 5 times and this is for a super small. For the back and top of my ear I ended up paying double that amt as the front of the face to flatten to raised scars. It is a very thick ugly white line. Not smooth at all. then for my forehead lift endotine scars was another 3000 (flat rate doctor feel sorry for what had happend). There was so much collagen overgrowth and the bumps are still there but not as big and raised. My hairline got raised up by 1/2 inch. I asked him how he do it at consultation time he told me it is cutting 1/2 cm. Not it is moe like an inch to 3/4 inch. There is bald spots here and there. if you are a guy, this be a bigger problem cause shot hair will not be able to cover the bald spots........... I am itching all the time . I asked him through email why I have a big hump on the front of my forehead, then he told me he rolled up my skin. I itch so much all the time now on where he inserted the endotine.
I will later find all the warnings from journalist about taiwan plastic surgery. "THey will not tell you" Which mean they don't want to tell you because if you know, you will not proceed with the surgery. I have hump on the top of my head and dr. quack told me it will eventually become more natural.............. Are those thick scars and huge necrosis gonna become natural looking?????????
You would think 18400 total is a ton of money coz taiwan doctors don't pay for malpractice insurance