Has anyone gotten or seen Ivory yet? BNY got some in.

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  1. I keep checking and Daphne said some were sold to PF'ers. Anyone seen it or gotten it? She sent a pic but you know how those are. One looked pink and one looked pale green. She said it's very different and has almost a two tone effect with the veins being a different shade of ivory or something to that affect. I spoke with her when I got my Mastic but she descibed the Ivory to my Mom.
    I keep waiting for someone to report that has seen it in person. Anyone?
  2. I am interested to know too :drool:

    Can anyone post a piccie?
  3. I really look forward to it...i've just bought Calcaire recently. I'm not sure whether to go for it or forget it!!!!
    well, gotta c it first:rolleyes:...pic plsssssssssss
  4. I got calcaire too!
    Don't you just :heart: this colour?

    What style did you get?

    I feel the same way too since it's the same tone colour...I've been tossing whether to buy the ivore or just concentrate on another colour :rolleyes:
  5. I know Saks at Bocan Raton just got the First in Ivory.:yes: My SA Ann called me yesterday and they only have two. She said it is gorgeous.:tup:
  6. I'm on the waitlist for a Hobo at BalNY, but I haven't received a call yet. I'm not sure if I want color, so I've been hoping to see some PFers post their bags so I could see the true nature of the color.
  7. I am sooo intrigued with Ivory! It sounds gorgeous! I wish I can take care of a light colored bbag though... I would've snap an Ivory city in a heartbeat :love: Can't wait to see actual pictures!
  8. I can't wait to see pictures either!!!
  9. I'm the one that got the ivory from Daphne but I have a small problem. I got a new computor and cannot find the wire to hook up my camera to the computor. I saved the email pics so I'll try to figure out how to post those. The color is difficult to describe but I really love it.
  10. I'm sorry you guys. Can someone tell me how to get them from my email to here. Or I can forward the email to someone and they can post the pics? Please help! I'm such a dork. LOL
  11. Here are Hanalei's pics of her ivory bag:

    '07 ivory city.JPG
    '07 ivory ciry 2.JPG

    I think the color is gorgeous! I'm guessing that it looks different in real life though - is it really that pink? I can't wait to see it!
  12. It's not pink at all. It has a sort of tan/yellow tone to it especially when you look up close. It is really the color of vanilla ice cream.
  13. Hanalei, gorgeous, gorgeous bag! And so perfect for Hawaii. (Or is it proper to just say Kauai, not "Hawaii"?)

    (I'm a dork when it comes to pictures too. ;) )
  14. I would love to see some more pictures that accurately show the yellow undertones of the bag. The photos look a lot like calcaire, but a vanilla ice cream bag sounds yummy!
  15. OMG I am sooo feeling it!!!

    I'm just afraid of the light color bbags - I'm kinda messy at times :noggin: