Has anyone gotten on the WL for Miroir Lockit?

  1. My SA at Santa Clara is the waitlist specialist, she still says there has been no confirmation this is going to happen. But laughed when I asked the other day, she said since I first asked her in November, I was def. #1 on the list, if should ever happen.
  2. My SA hasn't even heard that it is coming :sad: she says that I know more than her, thanks to TPF :yahoo: but she will call me as soon as it arrives.
  3. I told my SA to make one for me... I said before that miroir's too shiny for me and I still think so. I'm still not sure if I really want it or not, but... meh... I still have months to decide, better to be 1st on the list than last, right? I guess you can call me an "advantag-ist" or "situationalist"...
  4. Also got a weird face when I talked about it so I didn't ask to be on the waitlist. My store told me that it's probably not gonna happen. I trust my guys here on the PF (John, Rebecca, Michelle, Matt are in know).
  5. No list at either store I called yet...but was the first to inquire about it at both stores so if the list comes out, it only makes sense that I get the first spot!
  6. I haven't asked yet but I will soon..I just don't know if I want anymore Miroirs since I have the Speedys and gold pochette already.
  7. ^^ ohhh Rebecca, you should....:graucho:
  8. ^^ Oooh, c'mon Rebecca, you sooooo know you want one :p