Has anyone gotten both PCE's - outlet and regular?

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  1. I know the outlet PCE is rather new, but has anyone here ever gotten both the outlet PCE, then the regular PCE? I spend a lot at both (don't tell DH) and I would think they should reward a customer who does that....but I know there's not a lot of logic to the PCE process!
  2. I'm not sure :confused1: A few months ago they sent out PCE cards for outlet shoppers and I didn't get one (I never shop at the outlets.) A week later there was email that wanted me to rate Coach on lots of points and then there was a place for comments. I wrote that I thought it stupid to have PCE for only outlet customers and that it should be for all customers (I was just being greedy, really ;);) ).
    Fast forward to March of this year. I got a PCE card in March that I thought was a regular PCE. Used it, then got another one a few weeks later. I find out from one of the SA's that the first one was an outlet card. Hmmmm. Did my email make a difference for me? I don't know.
    So, my round about answer is maybe :smile: I was on a tPF hiatus for Lent so I'm not sure who else got the 2 cards in March...
  3. Yes, I received the Nov. & Dec. PCE cards and also in Feb. & March.
  4. Yes - I got both Feb. & March this year. :yes:
  5. I'm bummed...I keep reading about everyone getting all these PCE cards and I haven't gotten one since Christmas!! :sad:
  6. I got both in February and March also
  7. I got Dec, Feb, and March
  8. Same here :angel:
  9. I got one in Feb and TWO in March..

    The one in Feb had my name spelled wrong from an outlet purchase... I saw it spelled this way on my receipt.

    In March, I got one sent to my real name spelling and to the other wrongly spelled name AGAIN!
  10. Yes, I received the Nov, Dec, Feb and March PCE cards. Don't know if there were any outlet PCE's prior to the November one but every 3 months I get one.
  11. I knoww... I've never gotten any either since early or mid-last year. I'm so upset.
  12. I only got the regular one. Not sure why I don't get the outlet one since I've also bought lots at the outlet in the past.
  13. I only got the regular one. I am exclusively an outlet shopper.
  14. I got the May card and was told yesterday that both myself and my husband will get the June one. I would say I mostly purchase at the outlet, but as of late, I've also purchased a lot from the boutique.
  15. 2 in may, one in june (and probably previous ones before that as well that i can't recall).