Has anyone gotten an outlet coupon...

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  1. by email yet today?
  2. no coupons this week :pout: and it looks like there may not be one for a while, unless you shop at a Tanger Outlet, they have their annual breast cancer awareness promotion going on and you can buy a 25% coupon for a $1 donation. there have been rumors that there won't be any coupons while this promotion is going on now through October but who knows.
  3. I got it from a good source that the next coupon will be around Columbus day sales time which is @ October 11th. But everyone probably already knows that:biggrin:
  4. Hmmm .. too bad we don't have Tanger here :sad:!
  5. My outlet is prime outlets. No fair.Bummer.
  6. I am sad to hear that because I was hoping for a price adjustment on a bag that I bought last Sunday!
  7. October 11th? Isn't that just in time for these MFF Sabby/Audrey/Ashley's? :graucho:
  8. one of the manager told me that next coupon will be on Nov. for the Black Friday.

    so once again... we never know....
  9. How long is the Tanger sale going on???
  10. So this is good until October 25th which is great and you could use on Coach.

  11. Thanks Lucy!!
  12. Q, I got the same e-mail from Premium. Don't know what the discount is either, or if Coach even participates. Geez, why don't they just tell us what it is?
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    Susan G. Komen
    Text Pink. Shop. Save.
    October 23-24, 2010 and October 30-31, 2010

    Premium Outlets® and Susan G. Komen for the Cure® are teaming up to support breast cancer awareness, research, and treatment programs in communities across the country. During the month of October, text "PINK" to 90999* to donate $10 to support the cause. Then, enjoy special savings from Coach, Cole Haan, DKNY, Giorgio Armani, J.Crew, Polo Ralph Lauren and many more. Plus, enter for a chance to win prizes** during the Premium Outlets Pink Event. Click here for a complete list of participating centers and dates and visit our center-specific Sales & Events pages for event dates at a Premium Outlet Center near you.
  14. I also was told by Simon Malls Coach outlets that they think the coupons will not be as frequent.