Has anyone gotten a white diamond stitch tote?

  1. I am on plan b since there are no more navy grand shopping totes. I really want a spring color and black is out, and I would like a tote and one under 2k. But, can I wear a white bag?? With 2 little bittie kids and a hectic life? I just don't know?? If the leather is super durable, or coated even as someone suggested, maybe?
  2. I think the one being released this spring is an off white. So maybe it will be better for you. I'm still waiting on one.
  3. REally--different from the one that is in stores now? Or is that one the off white?
  4. I guess the one you're seeing is it. My NM hasn't got them in yet. Honestly,if you have kids and your'e worried, I would get a different color in this style. What about the medallion tote?