Has anyone gotten a fake Chloe from Bluefly?

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  1. Hi! I'm new to this forum, and i just made my first post with pics in the Authenticate this Chloe thread:


    I purchased the tan Silverado from Bluefly recently and just received it yesterday. I have some reservations about it, and am hoping to get some feedback from the Chloe owners on PF.

  2. Hi Karen, welcome to the forum! I hope someone answer's your post, I am curious as well. Good luck!
  3. HI, Karen:

    From the pics you posted, I think it looks authentic. But I can tell you more if I can touch the leather.:biggrin: I guess other silverado owners here can give you more input.
  4. Thank you Chloe_concord for your input! After some more thinking, I have decided to send the bag back just to be safe. I'm leaning towards ordering it from the Neimans site...

  5. Yup, sometimes the extra money you spend is worth it for piece of mind. I don't think I can ever trust Bluefly again after 1 fake bag:sad: , nor do I have any respect for them which is why I decided not to give them another cent (even if I was going to return it..)
  6. Hi Acegirl! Did you end up getting the Chloe? I completely understand your reservations, but as a deal hunter - I think I'd take the risk bc I havn't heard of fake Chloe bags on Bluefly yet. You can always return... :yes:
  7. No, just couldn't do it:hrmm: . I swear I was like Sybil & 2 different people inside me were arguing with each other! I think it's gone now too... Oh well, I'll keep looking for the perfect first Silverado (& hopefully I can find a good deal;) )
  8. Check out the b-bag forum. I know several people ordered Balenciaga's from bluefly that turned out to be fake.

    Be careful!!!
  9. Yes, I got a fake Balenciaga from them:sad:

    Now you understand my issue with ordering the Silverado! LOL
  10. Hi beauxgoris! I was reading up on all the previous post about the fake b-bag fiasco @ Bluefly. I can't believe it! It is so shocking that a stock holding corporation that is a publicly traded company on Nasdaq is capable of such practices!!!!!!! :blink: There must be something we can do to put a stop to this?? The real mystery, is do they know about it and are they trying to cover up? I guess being such a huge company they find it difficult to maintain quality control..however other high-end stores don't seem to have that kind of problem.

    Once I get my full refund on Silverado, I'm going to write a letter to the BBB about my experience.

    Acegirl : Wow! Sorry about your Balenciaga. It makes me wonder how many other thousands of their customers unknowingly are toting around B-bag and Chloe copies!!!! Very unsettling...