Has anyone gotten a bag as a gift & it turned out to be a fake?

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    This is my very first post/thread

    & I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten any kind of bag as a gift
    & found out later that it was a fake?

    Well it happened to me this past christmas
    I have always wanted to own an LV since i was 13 or 14 (I'm now 17 almost 18)
    When the MC's started coming out & everyone had them.
    So for christmas I asked my dad if he'd get me one
    I didn't think he'd get it for me but he did & I was terribly excited!:lol:
    It was the Multipli-Cite! I had expected to get something smaller & less expensive
    so i was very very happy & apprecitive of what my dad got for me.
    But after awhile I started to have doubts about whether it was the real thing or not
    I returned from visiting my dad for christmas break & went on the LV website
    & went hunting for my bag & i found it BUT....
    It looked nothing like the bag i got from my dad :sad::sad:
    the handles weren't the same
    the pocket on the outside of the bag was on the wrong side.

    Anyway so after that very tramatizing experience
    I've been working very hard to save up my own money to buy a REAL one:woohoo:
    & the bag I've had my eye on is the Mono Neverfull MM!
    I'm planning on owning it by the end of april :girlsigh:
    & my next purchase I'd like to make is the Speedy 30
    (question though -maybe you guys can answer this for me-
    does the speedies get saggy? & if they do is there any way of keeping it from doing that?)
  2. double post!
  3. I didn't Word the subject title right on the first one oops:shame: