Has anyone got ...........

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  1. An antigua cabas MM bag to sell at a reasonable price .. I really would love one .

  2. I know, I love this bag, too. Is it sold out in stores?
  3. I am unsure but I would prefer to get one used so it would be cheaper LOL ....
  4. Long sold out. I think you can still get the neo cabas in France though, they have it listed on the french page.

    I really love this bag.. especially in the GM version !
  5. There's a red/purple one on eBay, auction #6849322038. I know the seller from LVLU and she's really nice :smile: I highly recommend her.
  6. yes i am talking about that one -- i do want it cheaper than retail. i saw that ebayer and sent her an email about it - I am waiting on her response though . LOL
  7. Good luck, I hope you get it, those are sooo cute!
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