Has ANYONE got their Kempton yet?

  1. If so post pics. I know some of u had them on order. Ima try to get mine this week. The key word is try :amuse: ....
  2. I'm still waiting for them to become available in Canada.......hopefully we will get them soon.......:sad2:
  3. I hope so. Can u cross the border for a while to get one?
  4. I probably won't be going across the border any time soon. But I am thinking about bugging one of my friends who live across the border to bring one over for me. ;)
  5. Once I get mine, I'll post pics! :smile:
  6. Good shot 613. And I cant wait Greengrv!
  7. I will get mine on Wednesday as they said. So hopefully I can post pics then ;)
  8. I still haven't gotten mine....and I got the first order already from them. They were both placed on the same day. :sad:
  9. I was worrying about that! Whats up with your bag? Its been on MY mind even, because u were supposed to get yours before ALL of us....
  10. I don't know. :sad:

    All I have is the large Tangiers...and I am not really sold on that one. I like big bags...but the bottom of this one has something sort of stiff inside, so the bag stays flat across on the bottom, thus making it very wide.

    I received a confirmation of shipment email on my second order on Dec. 13th (the one placed the same day as the Tangiers) saying that the Kempton bags will be here within 4-9 days of the ordering date, Dec. 7th. That's today.....

    I placed my 3rd and last order on December 13, and I still have not received a confirmation of shipment.

  11. I did get my bag on Wed but I justs got done with finals so I will post pics this weekend girls! I love the bag, so nice...will tell you more:biggrin:
  12. Which one did you order? :smile:

    I got my second shipment today...with the three smaller Kempton bags in it. I really, really like the dark brown and the black, but the vachetta is for sure getting returned.

    I can't wait to see the larger Kempton...the brown is really a beautiful color! :love: Very well made....and I must say BR packaging is awesome!! All the hardware was wrapped up, bag stuffed....and each inside a sealed plastic bag with the dust bag inside that. I couldn't ask for more...:biggrin:

    I might just have to take pics of the bags, get them developed onto a disk at Costco...and maybe email them to someone here to post for me?? I'm not sure how to do that. There is NO WAY that I can have my hubby help me take and upload pics of 9 bags....he would FLIP OUT. :mad:

    Maybe I can get sneaky this weekend....I'll work on it.
  13. ill do it 4 u. i also have some more Liz bag updates (ya know I just bought the Lexington satchel). For the leather lovers out there.
  14. :amuse:BRYANT PARK Hobo & Glendale Hobo
    bryant park hobo.jpg glendale hobo.jpg
  15. Just got my Kempton pocket satchel today: will post pics soon! The leather isn't as soft as the Bloomsbury line, but the handle braided detail (reminiscent of the Gucci horsebit hobo handle) is very nice.