Has anyone got the whiskey mp? or bark?

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  1. I've had a look in the reference thread and have been looking for ages through the other threads for pics of the whiskey mp with gold hardware. I know someone bought one and posted pics of theirs not too long ago, but I can't find it! Can anyone post pictures please? I want to compare it next to the bark, so I can decide on what to get...:girlsigh:

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Hey! I have the whiskey small mp, and i loveeeeeeee the colour. It's more of a really rich dark saddle-ish colour, i saw pics of bark before and it seems to have some reddish undertones, correct me if I'm wrong somebody. I just love the combination of whiskey and the gold hardware though, so gorgeous. I'll try and upload photos today they're not on this computer i have to use another one. Also, where are you planning to your whiskey or bark bag? i got mine off of ebay
  3. actually let me go see if i can find the post i put up with the pictures
  4. also in some of the pictures it look darker than it does in real life. it really is such a pretty rich colour!

  5. thanks leenie15 :smile: yours was the thread I was looking for!

    yeh I think ebay is my only option. I found this bark auction, but a the bottom left hand corner is completely worn away :sad: think it'd be noticeable? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=130211628048&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=003

    I think I prefer the whiskey...
  6. i used to like bark better, but now i think i prefer the whiskey.


    hmmm....the damage looks pretty bad there. i wonder how it got worn down like that considering the rest of the bag still looks good? if the auction doesn't go for very high perhaps you can take it to a cobbler and have it fixed? how badly do you want the bag? maybe you should wait for another one to pop up on ebay?
  7. I agree with tadpolenyc because that damage on the corner is pretty noticeable. The bark is a nice/rich colour too but I like gold hardware accompanying these rich colours rather than the silver. Also with the whisky, it doesn't have contrast stitching which i love, i think it looks really classy with the matching stitching. But if you want it really badly (the bark one) maybe you could send it somewhere for a bit of repair, hope that helped! :smile:

  8. yeh the damage is really putting me off. she must've been banging that corner around a lot for it to get that like...I might just watch it see how much it goes up for. I don't want the bag badly. Think I might wait around for a whiskey...now just have to decide on what size!

  9. I do like the gold hw against the brown. Does the whiskey look a bit tan at all? Do you mind telling me how much you managed to get it on ebay off?
  10. The whiskey kinda looks like a really really deep tan but really rich in colour, it's just gorgeous in my opinion. I got the small mp for $275 on e-bay which is not too bad I think, the small mp holds a lot of stuff for its size surprisingly. I do, however, want a large one in black also since trying it on in a store :P but I think both sizes are really versatile. The small size is definitely good for running around in. I hope one pops up on ebay for you soon!
  11. Hi, I have a large MP in bark, and I personally love it, it's a true brown, with almost reddish tones. The ebay pic is pretty true to life. Haven't seen whiskey IRL, but I'm sure it's also gorgeous! I wanted silver HW because practically all my jewelry is silver.
    Good luck with your decision!
  12. I have the Bark lrge MP as pictured in the auction.

    One thing I really love is the burgundy interior and topstitching. I've seen it listed in ebay from time to time as "Rust", but it has more blue/red than orange undertones.

    That Whiskey looks great however!! - What color is the interior?

    As far as the damage on the piping, that looks pretty serious. I have a small tear in one of my MPs along the piping and the white you see is plastic cording. -- NOT going to get/look better without some professional work.

    Maybe you know someone who can work those miracles?
  13. Abby - the interior is a really nice beige/tan suede of the whiskey mp :smile: - i love suede lining!!
  14. The color of that large MP is devine! The wear is pretty severe, but if you do end up snagging it for not much, a cobbler could probably fix it, or see what leather glue would do to prevent the leather from wearing away any more.... good luck!