Has anyone got the MacBook Air yet?

  1. Is it as good as it's supposed to be?
  2. Well, I don't know about performance (the specs aren't super or anything) but it's AMAZING. It's literally like 3 pounds. INCREDIBLE.

    My boyfriend held it against him and cracked a joke: "Does this make me look fat?" LOL It's SOOOO SKINNY!
  3. I wonder if it's worth the £££ though. I mean I wouldn't carry it around or anything so I'm debating whether I should get it or not :S
  4. ^^^
    I think the main draw is its portability. It doesn't perform as well as regular Mac books for the same price.
  5. I haven't seen any on campus yet. I don't think it's very popular among the hardcore programming guys.
  6. As someone said before, the Air's portability is probably is its biggest draw. I'd wait till it gets a bit cheaper, because right now its specs just do not justify its costs.

  7. Yeah I'd like to know if its good too....looks so sleek and sexy... :love:
  8. My husband purchased the MacBook Air. He was using the MacBook Pro.
    I have the MacBook.
    He loves the MacBook Air! I love the MacBook Air!.
    The only thing it does not have is an optical drive;but you can use another computers optical drive if they are on the same network.
    You can purchase an optical drive from Apple for $100.00

    My husband is completely satisfied with this model so far.
    It is so nice and so light.
    If it came in white like my MacBook;I would change in a instant!
    Since it doesn't,it may take me a few weeks!
  9. I don't even like Macs and I want one so bad! The portability factor is amazing, but as someone upthread pointed out, the specs aren't great and since it's so pricey I can't justify it to myself because I don't travel enough...
  10. someone please post pics..:tup:
  11. FYI...there are other brands that fall under the "ultra portable" label as well. Technically, they're aren't as light or thin, but they do come with optical drives and are cheaper as well as offer more storage and better CPU speeds. In the end, ask yourself, is saving 4 ounces and an 1/8 of an inch really worth 3-400 bucks to you?
  12. ^^^^
    Charles, can you enlighten us as to what these brands are? I'm not familiar with any and would love to know.
  13. The Sony Vaio TZ is tiny and super-light, too. My travelling laptop crashed when I was in the States last month and I was going to replace it with one of these but in the end I ended up with a HP Pavilion TX1000 instead. Bulkier, heavier and not as pretty as either-- but half the price, a touchscreen, and with better specs than both.

    :sweatdrop: I guess I am just a practical techie at heart.
  14. ARGH I am so mad now that I bought myself a stupid Toshiba. As I speak, the colors on my screen are all f*ed up because the graphics card is a piece of cr*p! Okay, sorry. Had to get that out.
  15. That really sucks, IntlSet-- could you upgrade or is it integrated with the motherboard?