Has anyone got stone mountain bags??/

  1. Just saw some in uk ,so wondering about it as they are from U.S i think ,how are they ,anyone any idea???
  2. i've seen a few and their leather is delicious. their shapes and styles are kind of on the plain side for me (but jesus, i just bought an orchid dooney & bourke domed nile croc satchel so ya know...) but they are definately cute. stone mountain is a designer i'm looking at for my best friend for her birthday acctually~!
  3. I know where I am (United States) I have seen Stone Mountain bags in Dillards, a department store. I've never liked any of them enough to buy, however, although I really hadn't looked at any of them in probably a year or so.
  4. They're well made, utility bags. I don't think they're particulary known for their fashion forwardness, but nice, sturdy bags nonetheless.
  5. I agree. High quality bags for their price point.
  6. Yes, I've owned several. Good utilitarian bag. Well made and sturdy. Nice leather. Nothing special to look at, but I'd buy another if it suited me.