Has anyone got or seen the Bulga Butterfly large in Goldrush

  1. Hello any Bulga Butterfly Gold Rush owners. :tup:

    Ive never seen this bag in person and would love to know your opinions on it. Is it very large? How much can it carry. How pretty is it and is it suitable for every day?

    I know the colour is not a very "every day" bag, but I do like it.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. I think this bag comes in a large size and a medium or small size. I haven't seen this bag in goldrush but it is a beautiful color and I would carry it everyday.
  3. post a pic of the color! I like the small frame hobo from this line, but I have never seen this color before.
  4. Hello, Ive suddenly had an urge to purchase a Bulga and since I live in the UK, its a bit hard to find. I may be able to purchase one in Gold Rush but as Ive not seen the colour in person, I wondered what the gold would be like, is it a dirty gold or a sunshine gold. Sometimes its hard to tell from a photo. But here is a link just in case it may jog a few memories.

    Would love anyone's opinions on how practical it is.

    Thanks so much

  5. Sorry I forgot to add, is the large considered an oversized bag as Im not a huge fan of oversized or is a medium more practical.

    thanks so much in advance for your help
  6. Oh yes, the large size is definately huge. There's a pic of Jessica Simpson somewhere on the net toting this bag and it's gigantic!
  7. bunny -
    Here's a photo of the goldrush color in the Crescent Satchel style by Bulga - it's the one on the left. The one on the right is a color called Banana. It's a really deep gold, almost has a bronze undertone. It's a wonderful, versitile color IMO. I also like this metallic leather because most Bulga bags have a matte finish which can be very delicate...with this leather, I don't have to be as cautious. As a matter of fact, this is my throw around bag and it wears well (though I have only had it for a couple of months!).
    Hope this helps!
    Bulga Crescent Bags (3).jpg
  8. It does have a bronze glow to it -it's beautiful! I love Bulga bags!!!
  9. Thank you so much everyone. I do like this colour more and more :smile:
  10. Hi Toni

    Thank you for that link. I have seen the same link when I was googling for pics of the bag. I wasnt sure if the bag was real as the very first pic was a bit hazy.

    I dont really use eBay but I do use it to get a good idea of what handbags look like.

    Thank you very much :yes:
  11. While the large Bulga butterfly bag is quite large, when it isn't very full it sort of collapses (soft leather) and so I don't think it is an overwhelming bag.

    That soft metallic gold seems quite versatile.