Has anyone got Hannah concert tickets???

  1. For those who have daughters, nieces, ect.....that are dying to go to a Hannah Montana concert have any of you been able to get tickets??? I know tickets go on sale for some concerts this week that I want to try to get for my daughter---I just was wondering how hard it has been to get them. My daughter has her heart set on going.:yahoo:
  2. Last month they went on sale where I live for a concert in October. They sold out in 12 minutes!!! They offer a pre-sale to the people in Miley Cyrus's fan club and it seems like they are almost gone before they go on sale to the public.. Needless to say I went on e-bay and got tickets to take my 7 year old niece. She LOVES her!!!
  3. I'm want to win some tickets to take my nieces. And I like her too so I would enjoy the show.