Has anyone got anything from China?

  1. I had purchased some jewelry from Tibet off of eBay. I argued with the seller about shipping because they claimed it would be around 60$ to send 7 pieces of jewelry. I got the package today and it weighs an astonishing and pricey weight of 220g. LOL.

    Does anyone know how much it would cost to ship a package from China to US? It wasn't shipped EMS because it took around 25 days to get here. I'm so tempted to leave negative feedback on every piece of jewelry because I hate it when people try to make profit off of shipping. I tried to read the package it came it, but to no avail. What does postage look like from China? All that was on my package was a customs declaration and my address. What should I look for?

  2. There isn't a postage stamp? Just the customs declaration form. That sounds odd.
  3. Sorry...can't help you out. Hopefully someone here will be able to.
  4. nope, the pix didn't show any amount of s&h...Japan's EMS for sure shows the fee, but not sure about China's posting service; family members always transporting it for us ^^;
  5. China EMS does not show shipping charges on the label... but $60 sounds like a total rip off! I got shoes sent to me for about 20 bucks from china...it took forever but i got them. I think u got ripped off...i once sent a package to my aunt in china from s. cali it cost me 25 dollars and the item was about 3 pounds. So 7 peices of jewelry for 60 is wayyyy out there, and usually it's more expensive to ship from the US to China than it is to ship from China to the US. And remember, 1 us dollar = about 7 chinese dollars and i've been to china recently and trust me it does not cost 420 RMB to send a package that small.
    Hope that helps and hope u get ur money back from the shipping because that is ridiculous.
  6. I sent to China once via Express Mail, the package was almost 3 pounds and I only paid $40 for shipping, the buyer received the it in 5 days. Total Rip off! Before leaving feedback ask the seller for shipping refund. :cursing:
  7. I emailed to them about the shipping before they sent it. I got a 15% discount... but obviously it was $40 something dollars. I don't want to ask them for a refund or shipping refund if I have no proof of what it really was. Although I know it costs more, I have no proof.
  8. Was the shipping price specified in the listing? If so, then you bid already knowing how much was the total payment, and it's hard to argue. You can report to eBay to make them remove any future listings that have too much shipping, but it won't make a difference in your current purchase.
  9. Also I KNOW THEY CAN"T DO THIS but sometimes they list the items for very cheap and then make the profit from the shipping. If the total price is still a bargain I won't complain
  10. It has to be a postage stamped somewhere on the package. I think they made profit out of the shipping charge. My friend used to buy jewelry from an oversea eBay seller, and she was charged $8 for shipping. When package arrived, she found out that it cost only $1.50.

    I think $40 for regular shipping is too expensive. You should warn others about this seller's tactic.
  11. That's a ripoff. I got a bag shipped to me from China a few years ago and shipping was about $17.