has anyone got a prada lace bowler bag?

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  1. Hello, just wanted to know if anyone has got the prada lace bowler bag, and what they think of it. I would really like one, but have probably missed the sales now. Does anyone know where I could get the original black one with pink leather lining within the UK. Has anybody seen one in the Prada shops in the sale, and for what pri:smile:ce? thankyou.
  2. They were just on sale in the states. If you look up a couple posts--

    It's here and it's beautiful!

    But the cervo lux lace bowlers do not have pink lining
  3. I bought mine in Selfridges 10 days ago.....it was -40%...so i paid 675 pounds for it! The SA was surprised herself that this bag made it into the sales..... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! :smile:

    I think i got the last one they had but you could check.....

    good luck!
  4. Hi, thankyou for that advice, I will try and contact the shop....did you buy the grey or black one? :smile:
  5. I got the grey one..........unfortunately they didn't have the black one, but am still happy with what i got ;)
  6. ^^Photos please! Congratulations annabrod - I love this bag!
  7. Here you go.......please excuse the mess in the background and the quality of the photo....took it with the iphone to send my sister and show what i got :graucho: