Has anyone got a pic of a "So Kelly'?

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  1. Am really sorry if this has already been posted, I have done a search and cant find anything.....

    I have my name down for one of these, but neither I or the SA know what it looks like!!!! Am keen to have a peek if there is a pic available
  2. Thanks Handybags! I ordered black and gold, but from that pic I am not sure it id for me......oh dear!
  3. ^Uh oh I am reading correctly that you don't like it?
  4. Umm, at the risk of offending anyone....no! It is not for me. I did explain to SA it was a guess so she wont mind! Funny enough it wasnt just me....they have a few coming but noone is on the list for them......
  5. Do you know the price, Elise? And the colors they are expecting?
  6. Uh-oh..... I think this could be one of those bags you have to try on KWIM? A bit like lindy you have to see where it hits you and if you can work it :yes:

    Would love to know what you think when you have one in your hot little hands Elise ;)
  7. Doesn't sing to me either..but it could be one of those bags that looks better 'on' someone like handybags said....

    Does the So stand for something???