Has anyone got a Mulberry for Target bag yet?

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  1. Hello ladies, I am curious, has anyone got one of the Target bags yet and if they have what are they like irl? I am interested in the denim bays but want someone who has one to describe the quality and maybe put some pictures on here. Thankyou.
  2. They hit Target stores on October 10th. Gilt had an event back in August which I missed & i'm sure there has to be a thread on TPF somewhere with pics & reviews. I'm curiously searching too.
  3. Saw that too, a few of them are appearing on ebay I wondered if any of the ladies now had them.
  4. i wanted to get one of the black crossbodys as well.. i was waiting to see if anyone got a piece when they went for sale on gilt (i was too late to the sale :'-( ) im hoping they dont run out online, since ill be away from a computer on the actual start of the sale.
  5. I was doing some googling over the weekend (I have a Phoebe and am curious about the collaborative line) and it looks like some of the Target stores have done a soft launch and put the collection out. Couture and crayons was one of the blog hits that I picked up on Google - she took pics of bag she purchased. But that's why they are on eBay - I saw more styles than was on the Gilt sale and figured - some Targets have to have put them out, so I stalked online :smile: In any case, my Target has not put them out (I checked yesterday) and the one by my sister in MI did not either. But some clearly have! So it might be worth calling?
  6. Hi umichmm, I live in the UK so doubt they would post to me. But I am the kind of bag buyer who likes to see things irl or lots of pictures from the girls on here so I get a better idea of what I would be receving.
  7. Do you know what store in MI your sister checked? There are several stores in my area (metro Detroit) so I'm curious to see. Thanks!
  8. they had it at my local Target on 10/1...and it was sold out within the day. I was manage to get the Bayswater denim for $49.99. THe quality is ok, the material is decent. The only thing I don't like is it actually said mulberry for target on the bag..
  9. ^I suppose they don't want people thinking that is the quality of all their bags
  10. Thanks anne1218 for the info, the mulberry for target on the bag doesn't bother me.
  11. My sister is also in Metro Detroit (I'm originally from Royal Oak but have been in Boston and now Chicago for many years!) - and I believe she checked the store on John R. and it's 14 mile right? :smile:
  12. Oh I totally understand, I definitely want to see them in real life - one of the reasons I didn't just jump on the Gilt sale (mostly bc I love Gilt but the store credit return policy isn't my favorite because I don't order from them on a regular basis). I like to have items in hand whenever possible before I buy - especially handbags. I was hoping against all odds that there would an Alexa version but my hopes have been dashed. :P
  13. I think my sister is going to check her local Target shops in CT at some point .. though I am not sure she will like what she sees .... :P
  14. I've called the three around me and none have them in yet, so I guess we have to wait.