Has anyone got a cody rio hobo -what do you think?

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  1. saw one of these on ebay and really loved it - does anyone know what season it came from and what colours it was available in? thanks :nuts:
  2. If that is the thing with the duck on it - I have one. It is cute but doesn't hang very well.
  3. i dont think it has a duck on it its this one.....
  4. That's a very nice bag and I love that colour! Are you going for it?
  5. i'm not sure - there are too others on there with best offers - in a different brown. Spent so much lately - tying to resist it but i could do with a hobo thingy - this looks real easy to carry and to get in and out of!!
  6. Do you know the sizes? Not that you will be shocked later, because it is too big or too small?
  7. That is a similar shape to the duck bag. I find what mine does at the top edge where it folds irritating.
  8. I think that we are talking 2005 or 2006?
  9. it measures 43cm x 30cm -(12 x 17 inches) dont want it to come too close to the the underarm - its awkward when you havent seen it irl. Jenove - i know what you mean about folding at the top - my current hobo does this. May make a silly offer on one of the others and see what happens - or should i save for new mabel hobo???? what do you think?? I'm not sure if mabel hobo is a bit too smart for me (if you know what i mean) whereas this is very relaxed looking
  10. I'd hang on for the Mabel hobo. That style bag is still in the outlets, I've seen it recently in that colour & a pinky lilac colour. It is quite big.
  11. yes i think you are right - hopefully they will make Mabel hobo in a brown colour! i must stop looking at ebay!
  12. I think its a very cute bag, i noticed it on ebay earlier:yes: I like how this colour is so unusual, a bit like brick red? Theres also a seller that has two available in oak on ebay right now.

    I think the shape is similar to the 2007 sohos.

    SJ you had a 2007 soho didnt you, would you say this bag is much bigger?
  13. the tobacco color is very nice!

  14. Similar size I'd say but the Soho felt slouchier and much softer.