Has anyone gone to the Proenza Schouler for Target sale in Howard St, NY?

  1. how is it?
  2. i was wondering the same thing!
  3. anyone?:shrugs:
  4. I went to my local targe (Mountain View, CA) and saw that they had already released the clothing line. There was a lot of stuff too. AND they have a size 1! Anyway, there were alot of tops, silky dresses, sweaters, some skinny pants, and some vests. I think most stores are releasing the line on Sunday?
  5. wow, lucky! how's the quality? did u get anything?
  6. I didn't go but yesterday in New York I saw a girl wearing the purple dress....
  7. how does it look sonya? i'm looking to get that dress!
  8. I just cked the site and there are 3 items :smash: only.
  9. really? it's not showing up on mine yet when i go to target.com :shrugs:
  10. It should be on the site now. I went to the store and shopped online. The stuff is awesome! Looks great in person.
  11. Paid a visit to my local Target too earlier to check them out. Most looked great, some others I felt the quality was.. meeeh...:oh: but I LOVED the Chain print silk top!

    I'm gonna get this one :wlae:

    Others that stood out were the blazer, the red striped shorts (perfect for spring/summer), the striped pants. The button skirts and the hoodies looked cute too. They didn't have the bustier tops and dresses, nor the flowy printed dresses in yet.
  12. ^ ooh, that is cute!! my target didn't have much out yesterday, but I did get this skirt:


    you can't see, but it has rows of purple and white polka dots. cute!
  13. If anyone decides to order online, here's the 10% coupon: TGTSAVE3
  14. thanks ikny!

    btw, my mom was able to go to the presale in howard street and was able to get a bustier top for me in boy blue as well as a palm-print gauze dress... both items are not out in the site yet... i wonder why?
  15. Saw a ton of stuff at my local Target--but I am in Texas--not sure that anyone knows who PS is around here--the stuff that I saw looked pretty good, especially the skirts and dresses.