Has anyone gone to the outlets recently?

  1. I was wondering if any of you have been to the Burberry outlets and have found anything good.

    I went to the one in Seattle, but came home with nothing. They didn't have anything that caught my eye.

    Has anyone found any crazy deals on handbags and scarfs at the outlets?

    Will they ship it to me if I call them?

  2. Unfortunately the outlets won't ship.

    I was at the Vacaville, CA outlet recently with my mom. Nothing really caught her eye, the bag and scarf selection were mostly items that were made specifically for the outlets; not much shipment of boutique items. I did however score a few ties for $30 and a few polos with the nova check placket for $60.
  3. I was in the Vacaville outlet today for about 15 min and they had a lot of merch, but I think most was made for the outlet. They did have a ton of scarves - cashmere ones - lots of colors and I saw a few that I've seen in regular retail - prices on the two I looked at were $129 and $169. There was a rack of Prorsum items at additional discount and there were a couple of very nice coats.
  4. I was at the Tullalip (near Seattle) outlet on last Thursday and Friday and picked up two scarfs. The first was a pink wool nova check scarf that was only $50!! The second as a 100% cashmere blue nova check scarf (nova check around the border) but I thought those were AMAZING prices. My classic nova check cost me closer to $270 (still 25% off retail of $315+tax here in Canada). The clothes didn't really catch my eye, and there weren't any rainboots (*sad*) but I am in LOVE with my scarfs. Hope that helps :smile:
  5. I went to Burberry outlet recently and bought scarfs too! I went to the UK outlet. The pure wool ones are all 29 pounds. Beautiful nova check (pink or clear) 50% wool 50% cashmere ones are cut to 65 pounds from 97 pounds or something (VAT included). Pure cashmere ones vary but my favorate one is 60% off! I think I took the second last one :p.

    There are many check bags too. I love those coats. Some of them are 80% off. Wallets are not on extra discount though.

  6. A side question ... Does Neiman Marcus last call carry Burberry items? Thanks
  7. I went to the Burberry outlet in Sunrise Florida this past weekend.
    They had about 3 tables of bags, 1 full table of haymarket , one of the lighter nova check, and one kinda all others

    Bathing suits were around 100-150

    Scarf 50 for wool others were 130

    Small selection of shoes

    "sale section" lol with like 5 things on the rack which I wouldn't wear... ever

    Wallets - I bought a wallet with the metallic trim and the metal hardware for $150 , it was the last one of course
    They had 2 of the same style but longer wallets for 170-180ish

    Jacets- I bought an overcoat khaki of course and pattern inside and inside the hood

    I don't see how anything cheap would remain on the shelf for more than a few minutes

  8. awww!!! lucky you! the bag I've been hunting for is available in the outlet. Sad to say, they do not ship.. bummer!!! :crybaby:
  9. I went to the Michigan City, In one yesterday. It was a total waste of time. They had a bunch of haymarket bags but the prices were not that good IMO and some leather ones that were very scratched. There were some small novacheck roll bags but they were $219 and didn' tlook like they could fit both my cell phone and wallet. There were a few pretty wool scarves for $49. I was really disappointed. It was a three hour drive through bad neighborhoods, horrible traffic and torrential rain to get there. And there's a cooling tower for a nuclear power plant right next to the outlet mall--creepy.
  10. I went to the one at Niagara Falls, Buffalo, NY yesterday. They had some lambswool scarves (in non-traditional novacheck colors) for $19! Clearing them out after winter I guess. They came in black, grey, other colors.

    Not much else...
  11. i was at woodbury commons today... it was so crowded! they had a lot of stuff!!! a lot of mini manors and a few big ones, and a bunch of other bags too. MANY raincoats!!! and other coats... a lot of rain boots and high heels, a bunch of scarfs....and then the usual stuff... I would say they have a lot of good merchandise in.... I was going to buy a raincoat but i just bought one 2 days ago at the regular burb. i will post pics...
  12. I went to the one in Leesburg last weekend. Tons of coats on sale, but, nothing that I wanted. There was one trench that was like 350 but, the sign wasn't clear. If the sign was right, it was marked down another 30 or 40% but, I looked...flat I guess would be the best way to describe it and put the coat back. I just looked shapeless! LOL!
  13. I've been to the Burberry outlet in Vacaville a couple times, and nothing caught my eye, either. Some were too overpriced for me even for Outlet discount. I'm going back there tomorrow though, and hopefully buy my first Burberry item.